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PCS-J Coaching: Judiciary as Career& IAS Next: Best PCS-J Coaching in Lucknow

PCS-J Coaching

PCS-J Coaching Lucknow, the capital of U.P, is the bench of the Pryagraj high court. The city also has several other districts, session & subordinate courts. 

Lucknow is also home to some of the premier law Universities and Colleges of the country like Ram Manohar National Law University, University of Lucknow, Amity University and many others.

The Lucknow has created many well knowns judiciary members, be it lawyers or respectable Judges & magistrates.

 It offers excellent opportunities to the law students as well. Whether any aspirant want to practice with successful lawyer, or wants to crack judiciary exams like PCS(J), APO, HJS.

Now Lucknow is best City for Law Aspirant. law students can find some of the most established and renowned PCS(J) coaching institutes in Lucknow.

Let’s know about PCS-J first.

PCS(J) is best option for all those aspirants who wants to work with civil services, state authority & Judicial system.

PCS(J) offers an excellent profession closely related to law glorious & secure tenure.

This Judicial Service exam PCS-J is first step of becoming one of the highest part of the judiciary i.e. Justice. The Justice holds one of the top dignified and honoured positions of the Indian Supreme court.

The PCS(J) exam is held every year to recruit able civil judges (junior Magistrate). PCS(J) examination comprises various stages like prelims, written/main tests, and interviews to check the knowledge and capacity of the judicial services aspirants.

The exam process is open to all law graduates  from all over the country.

Law as a career has seen an upward trend in recent times and Lucknow. so, because of this there are multiple pcs-j coaching institute in lucknow. . In this blog  I am going to discuss about IAS NEXT: Best pcs-j coaching in Lucknow and Uttar Pradesh.

Best Judicial services/pcs-j Coaching in Lucknow

In IAS NEXT: best PCS-J coaching in Lucknow, Aspirants have a chance to study with law professional and best faculties for all judicial services examination in India.

why we called IAS NEXT is the best judicial coaching in Lucknow?

Firstly, the representation and delivery of every lecture will be convincing and expressive.

Secondly Our faculties’ Lectures are best, concise and useful for those judicial services aspirants who are preparing for Judicial Services Examinations conducted by respective States of India.

Why IAS NEXT is Best PCS-J Coaching in Lucknow?

» Highly experienced, skilled Faculty

» Specialized in Law and Judiciary/pcs-j Coaching for 10 years

» Small batch size with individual attention to each student

» Minimum fee structure with excellent education

» Most comprehensive, exam oriented and updated study material

» Regular Interaction with the    PCS-J toppers

» Backup classes — cyclic batches


  • UPPCS-J UPJudicial Services Examinations
  • Judicial Magistrate First Class Exam
  • Civil Judge Junior Division Exams of All states like UP, MP DELHI
  • Additional District Judge Examinations
  • Judicial Services Grade 1 Exam
  • Judicial Services Grade 3 Exam
  • Assistant Public Prosecutor
  • Superior Judicial Services exams
  • Assistant Prosecuting Officer
  • Judicial Magistrate First Class Exam
  • Assistant District Public Prosecution Officer exams of all States of India and Law Subjects for Civil Services Examinations.

So, you can say that IAS NEXT: BEST PCS-J COACHING will help you out in different exams of judicial services of different states.

Online judiciary Coaching in Lucknow

IAS NEXT is one of the India’s leading online platforms which provide online coaching classes for judiciary services competitive examinations.

Those Law aspirants who are aiming to be a judge and intend to turn their dream into reality,

they must join our online classes and may prepare for the judicial examination from their home or workplace.

FAQ About PCS-J Coaching

What is PCS-J and why is it considered a promising career option?

PCS-J stands for Provincial Civil Service – Judiciary. It is an esteemed career path that involves working as a judge in the subordinate judiciary at the state level. It offers a chance to serve the society, uphold justice, and make a significant impact on the legal system.

Why is coaching important for PCS-J preparation?

Coaching institutes provide structured guidance, comprehensive study materials, experienced faculty, and regular mock tests to help aspirants prepare effectively for the PCS-J examination. They offer a competitive edge by providing a focused approach and enhancing knowledge and skills required for the exam.

What are the benefits of joining a coaching institute for PCS-J preparation?

Joining a coaching institute for PCS-J preparation offers several benefits, including access to expert guidance, personalized study plans, time management strategies, peer learning, doubt clarification, and regular assessments to track progress. It provides a systematic approach to cover the vast syllabus and boosts confidence for the exam.

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