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Jharkhand Judiciary Recruitment 2023: Eligibility, Age Limit, and Job Profile

Jharkhand Judiciary Recruitment

Jharkhand Judiciary Recruitment 2023: Understanding the significance of the Jharkhand High Court, located in Ranchi, is crucial. It plays a vital role in defining the criteria for the Jharkhand Judiciary examination, which is essential for selecting Civil Judges (Junior Division) within the state. Aspiring candidates should dedicate ample time to familiarize themselves with these criteria before embarking on their journey to prepare for the judiciary recruitment assessment.


To master the eligibility criteria, it’s essential to delve into the details of educational qualifications, age restrictions, and other necessary requirements set by the court. This preparation not only demonstrates a candidate’s dedication and seriousness but also lays the foundation for a well-informed and organized preparation strategy. By proactively understanding these eligibility standards, candidates can align their efforts effectively, increasing their chances of success in the competitive Jharkhand Judiciary recruitment process.


The Jharkhand Judiciary has recently announced 138 job openings, and it’s crucial to understand the eligibility criteria for the JKPSC Civil Judge Examination if you plan to participate. This examination, organized by the Jharkhand High Court, aims to recruit civil judges. The JKPSC Judiciary exam is structured in two main phases: the preliminary exam, the main exam, and an interview.

The preliminary exam comprises multiple-choice questions, while the main exam includes both subjective and objective questions. The subjects covered in the exam encompass important legal aspects like the Indian Contract Act, the Indian Penal Code, the Civil Procedure Code, the Criminal Procedure Code, the Indian Evidence Act, and the Constitution of India. Successful candidates who clear all stages of the examination will be appointed as civil judges in Jharkhand.

Age Limit

Individuals who meet the age requirements and hold a law degree from a recognized university are eligible to apply for the Jharkhand Judiciary Exam. The age limit for eligibility in the Jharkhand Judiciary Exam differs based on the candidate’s category.

Jharkhand Judiciary Exam eligibility
General/Unreserved22 years35 years
Female Candidates22 years38 years
Scheduled Caste22 years38 years
Scheduled Tribe22 years38 years
Person with Disabilities(PwD)22 years45 years

Educational Qualification

To become a judge in the Jharkhand judiciary, a law degree is the basic educational requirement. However, passing the Jharkhand Judicial Service Exam is a crucial step in this journey. Having a post-graduate law degree can be advantageous because it may come into play in case of a tie in marks between candidates, potentially leading to their inclusion in the Merit List.

It’s worth noting that the qualifications and eligibility criteria for the Jharkhand Judiciary exam can change over time, so it’s wise to verify the latest requirements before applying.


If you’re thinking about applying for the Jharkhand Judicial Service Exam in 2023, you might be wondering whether you meet the eligibility criteria. It’s essential to know that being an Indian citizen is a fundamental requirement for the application process. Foreign citizens are not eligible to apply for these positions, so it’s vital to ensure that you’re an Indian national if you plan to apply for the Jharkhand Judiciary Exam in 2023.

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