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IPC Section 339: Wrongful Restraint

Whoever voluntarily obstructs any person so as to prevent that person from proceeding, IPC Section 339: Wrongful restraint.....

Whoever voluntarily obstructs any person so as to prevent that person from proceeding in any direction in which that person has a right to proceed, is said wrongfully to restrain that person.


The obstruction of a private way over land or water which a person in good faith believes himself to have a lawful right to obstruct, is not an offence within the meaning of this section.


A obstructs a path along which Z has a right to pass, A not believing in good faith that he has a right to stop the path. Z is thereby prevented from passing. A wrongfully restrains Z.

339 IPC Case Laws (Supreme Court and High Courts)

Saminanda Pillai (1882) 1 Weir 339
Fateh Mohammad v. Emperor AIR 1928 Lah 445
Pagla Baba v. State AIR 1957 Orissa 130
Rileyv. Stone 94 SE 434
Om Prakash Tilak Chand v. State AIR 1959 Punj 134
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Karaturi Nagamman (1882) 1 Weir 339
In Re Shankugham (1971) Cr. LJ 182
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Subba Row (1908( 8 Cr. LJ 212
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Durga Pada Chatterjee v. Nilmani Ghose AIR 1935 Cal 252
In re Peria Pannuswami Goundan AIR 1927 Mad 507
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In Re M. Abraham AIR 1950 Mad 233
Mangal Singh v. Emperor AIR 1941 Pat. 384
Madhav Chandra v. Nalini AIR 1964 Cal 286
Kottan v. State of Kerala (1960) Ker. LT 789
Lalloo Prasad v. Kedar Nath (1963) 2 Cr. LJ 543
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Lahanu (1925) 27 Bom LR 1419
Sundareswara v. Emperor LL.R 30 Mad 673
Dharmalinga v. Emperor ILR 39 Mad 57
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Cjjagam Vithal (1927) 29 Bom LR 494
Venkata Subba Reddy (1910) MWN 72
FAQs on Section 322 of IPC – Voluntarily Causing Grievous Hurt
1. What does Section 322 of IPC define?

Section 322 of the Indian Penal Code deals with the offense of voluntarily causing grievous hurt. It pertains to cases where a person intentionally inflicts severe injuries on another, knowing that such injuries are likely to cause grievous hurt.

2. How is “grievous hurt” defined in this context?

“Grievous hurt” refers to severe injuries or bodily harm that endangers life, causes the loss of a limb or disfigurement, or substantially impairs a person’s health or ability to carry out their normal duties.

3. What constitutes the offense of voluntarily causing grievous hurt?

The offense is committed when a person both intends to cause grievous hurt or knows that the hurt he is likely to cause is grievous and, in fact, causes grievous hurt to the victim.

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IPC Section 339: Wrongful restraint,IPC Section 339: Wrongful restraint

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