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Interview Transcript UPSC CSE 2022 |

Interview Transcript Movie as Hobby
[UPSC CSE 2022]

Date of Interview: 27/2/23 Morning
Board: Lt. Gen Raj Sukhla sir
Optional: Sociology
Home State: Karnataka
Background: BE Electronics and communication
Hobbies: Kabbadi, Movies, Mysore,


  1. In context of recent World Bank appointment, why Indians able to achive success abroad
  2. Do you think English language played a role ?
  3. What’s your opinion on English and regional languages ( In context of MP’s medical education in Hindi )
  4. China -India relationship way fwd
  5. Trade and Security , which should give priority more ?
Member 1
  1. Asked about Kabbadi and other questions related to it
  2. Asked about Kannada movies ,Kantara and old movies
  3. Seattle law on caste reservation
Member 2
  1. AI and chat gpt
  2. Chatgpt like bot for painting
  3. Semiconductor consumption in India
  4. Why need to focus on Semiconductor and chip manufacturing
Member 3
  1. Nature vs Nurture theory and follow up questions
  2. Crypto currency and NFT difference
  3. SC’s view on Crypto
  4. Legality of Crypto
  5. Taxation of crypto makes in Legal
Member 4
  1. Declining of ece vs other branches ?
    How to make it attractive
  2. About NEP
    Interdisciplinary in Higher education and in engineering
  3. Which brach would go best with ECE
  4. About IPCC

Utility of mocks :
Helps in knowing your weak areas
Gives confidence
Some questions repeated

One question on Sociology and Social work.

Interview Transcript movie as hobby

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Interview Transcript movie as hobby, Interview Transcript movie as hobby

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