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Interview Transcript UPSC CSE 2020 |

Interview Transcript 3 [UPSC CSE 2020]


1. Introduce yourself to the board highlighting your education and professional experience.
2.Are you working right now?
3.Do you think you have taken risk?
4.As a first person of the year, don’t you think about you are at a    disadvantaged position?
5.Can you tell me how the structure of exam evaluates an individual?
6.You said improving. What are the things improved?

Member 1:

1. What do you mean by per capita income?
2. How much is it?
3. Can you name two Indian Nobel laureates in Economics?
4. What are their works?
5. What is randomized control trail?
6. Did Abhijit Banerjee have any role in MGNREGA?

Member 2:

1. What is Bad bank?
2. What is its role in Indian economy?
3. Can you tell the state of Indian economy?
4. Where is Olympics being held?
5. Is it the first time that Olympics is being held in Tokyo?
6. What do you mean by zoonotic diseases?
7. From which animal Ebola originates?
8. Coronavirus?
9. Can you trace its origin?

Member 3:

1. Which is your famous play?
2. Do you know Girish Karnad?
3. Which is his famous play?
4. It is based on whom?
5. Why Tughlaq is famous ? What are his policies?
6. From where to where he shifted his capital?

Member 4:

1. What kind of defense issues do you read?
2. Whether defense technologies should be used for civilian purposes?
3. Name one technology used in 20th century for civilian purpose.
4. Anything at international level?
5. When was Karnataka formed?
6. Can you explain the meaning of Karnataka?


1. Do you want any other thing to ask?
2. Banks and economist oppose loan waiver. What should we do?
3. Any scheme on interest waiver?
4. Is agriculture extension working? Whether we should extend it?

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