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India-Australia Virtual Summit

India-Australia Virtual

Key outputs of India-Australia Virtual Summit

Strengthening Cultural Ties

Australia truly appreciates the richness and diversity of India’s incredible culture. In a gesture of goodwill, Australia has given back 29 precious ancient Indian artifacts, which include beautifully crafted sculptures and paintings made from a wide range of materials.


India and Australia have joined forces in a new endeavor to promote sustainable and clean energy. Together, they are focusing on developing cutting-edge technologies such as green hydrogen and accessible solar power solutions to drive progress in this area.

Technology and Research

A highly anticipated virtual summit is on the horizon, aimed at fostering greater collaboration in the realms of innovation, science, and entrepreneurship. The summit’s ultimate objective is to amplify groundbreaking solutions that address critical global challenges. Moreover, the establishment of a Center of Excellence for Critical and Emerging Technology Policy in Bengaluru will further encourage and strengthen partnership between Australia and India.

Strengthening QUAD

The Quad has become an essential platform for fostering cooperation on common issues of concern. Additionally, both nations are actively involved in cooperative initiatives under the Quad framework.

Minerals & Investments

An agreement was recently made to collaborate in the vital mining industry. This deal aims to set up a structure for forming partnerships in significant investments. This partnership will not only bring valuable investments but also expertise to India in this field.


Both parties have introduced the General Vipin Rawat Young Defense Officers’ Exchange Program, allowing young officers from each side to get to know one another’s countries better. This program will significantly enhance inter-service communication and cooperation.

Stable Indo-Pacific

Australia and India are committed to promoting peace and stability in the vast Indo-Pacific region. They are strengthening their collaboration from the Indian Ocean to the far reaches of the Pacific Islands.


The Australian government is offering exciting Maitri scholarships and fellowships, providing Indian students and researchers with the incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in Australia’s top-notch education system.

Skill Development

Australia is set to support India’s promising young individuals by launching the innovative Future Skills Initiative, which brings together educational institutions, training providers, and industry partners to nurture talent and skills.

Boosting Bilateral Dialogue

The two countries have further strengthened their partnership through high-level ministerial discussions, including the 2+2 Foreign and Defense Ministerial Dialogue.


Changing dynamic of Indo-Pacific amidst Ukraine Crisis: Both India and Australia are worried about the growing developments in the Indo-Pacific area, particularly due to Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

Conflict over stand on Russia: Australia pointed the finger at Russia and held them responsible for the tragic loss of lives in Ukraine after their “terrible” invasion of the country. On the other hand, India has not firmly declared its position regarding Russia.

Increasing Chinese Aggression: China’s assertive behavior in the Indo-Pacific region has raised significant concerns. Both nations are worried about the potential consequences of China’s growing influence and the overall stability of the region.

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