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Important international organizations for UPSC & Other state civil Services

Aspiring civil servants in India know that staying informed about important international organizations is crucial for success in exams..

Aspiring civil servants in India know that staying informed about important international organizations is crucial for success in exams like the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and other state civil services.

 These organizations bring countries together to tackle global issues like climate change, human rights, and economic development. To help you prepare for your exams, our blog offers comprehensive notes on the most important international organizations that are relevant for UPSC and other state civil services.

United Nations & its Organs

Main Organs

UN-General Assembly

United Nations Security Council

UN Economic & Social Council


International Court of Justice

Trusteeship Council

Specialized Agencies

World Bank Group

International Monetary Fund

International Labour Organization

Food and Agriculture Organization


World Health Organization

International Maritime Organization

International Civil Aviation Organization

World Meteorological Organization

World Intellectual Property Organization

International Telecommunication Union


UN Industrial Development Organization

UN World Tourism Organization

Funds and Programmes

UN Women



World Food Programme

United Nations Development Programme

United Nations Environment Programme

International Comparison Program

India-UN Development Partnership Fund

UN Sanitation and Hygiene Fund

Related International Organizations

International Atomic Energy Agency

Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons

World Trade Organization

International Organization for Migration

CEB Member Organizations

Other Important UN Initiatives


United Nations Human Rights Council



Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development

U.N. Central Emergency Response Fund

UN Report for Social Inclusion

Global Digital Content Market

Astana Declaration

Dubai Declaration

Global Compact for Migration

United Nations Global Compact

United Nations Alliance of Civilizations

Intergovernmental Organizations –(Economic)

New Development Bank

Contingent Reserves Arrangement

Asian Development Bank

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

European Bank for Reconstruction& Development

Bank for International Settlements

World Customs Organization

International Organisations (Judicial)

International Criminal Court

Permanent Court of Arbitration

Inter-American Court of Human Rights

Court of Arbitration of Sports

International organization Maritime



International Sea Bed Authority

Neptune Declaration

International Whaling Commission


Indian Ocean Rim Association

Indian Ocean Naval Symposium

Seabed 2030


Indian Ocean Conference

International organizations related to Nuclear Weaponsor weapon technology

UN Disarmament Commission

Conference on Disarmament

Nuclear Suppliers Group

Wassenaar Arrangement

Missile Technology Control Regime

Australia Group

Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

Some Other International organizations

World Economic Forum

International Disability Alliance

International Press Institute

World Petroleum Congress

World Travel and Tourism Council

International Coffee Organization

International Council of Museum

Some International Groups

Commonwealth of Nations

European Union

Council of Europe

Eurasia Economic Union

Eastern Economic Forum

European Free Trade Association

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The Bucharest Nine Countries

Collective Security Treaty Organisation


Financial Action Task Force

G11 Grouping


Gulf Cooperation Council

Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

Organization for Economic Co-operation &Development

International Energy Agency

International Energy Forum

International Solar Alliance

Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Ashgabat Agreement

Association of Southeast Asian Nations


East Asia Summit

Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

Asia Pacific Trade Agreement


South Asia Co-operative Environment Program


Mekong Ganga Cooperation




Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI)

E9 Initiative

India-Nordic-Baltic Conclave

Trans-Pacific Partnership

Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-PacificPartnership




U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement


CARICOM Countries

Asia Europe Meeting

Organization of American States

Lithuania quits China’s 17+1

African Union

Southern African Development Community

India-Africa Forum Summit


NAM Summit



World Gold Council

International Geological Congress

Clean Energy Ministerial

Arctic Council

Treaties & Conventions

Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty

nuclear weapons Ban Treaty

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