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Hydropower and Irrigation Projects

Hydroelectricity is a renewable energy source that uses the potential energy of the water stored in the....Hydropower and Irrigation Projects

Hydroelectricity is a renewable energy source that uses the potential energy of the water stored in the dams, reservoirs, flowing rivers etc. The falling or flowing water rotates the turbine which spins a generator and the mechanical energy of the generator is converted to electric energy and hence the electricity is generated from the water.

Major Power Projects in India

Hydroelectric Power Plants in India 
SrHydroelectric Power PlantRiverHydroelectric Power PlantYear of Commission
1.Nagarjuna Sagar DamKrishnaAndhra Pradesh1967
2.Srisailam Right Bank Power Station ProjectKrishnaAndhra Pradesh1982
3.Shivanasamudra Hydro Power ProjectKaveriAndhra Pradesh1902
4.Karbi Langpi Hydro Electric Project (KLHEP)Borpani RiverAssam2007
5.Kopili Hydro Electric ProjectKopili RiverAssam1984
6.Kameng Hydro Power StationBichom and Tenga RiversArunachal Pradesh2020-21
7.Ranganadi Hydro Power StationRanganadi RiverArunachal Pradesh2002
8.Subansiri Lower Hydroelectric ProjectSubansiriArunachal PradeshUnder Construction
9.Dagmara Hydro-Electric ProjectKosi RiverBiharUnder Construction
10.Hasdeo Bango DamHasdeo RiverChhattisgarh1961-62
11.Sardar Sarovar ProjectNarmada RiverGujarat2017
12.Bhakra Hydroelectric ProjectSatlujHimachal PradeshBhakra Left Bank Power House – 1961Bhakra Right Bank Power House – 1968
12.Pong Hydroelectric ProjectBeas RiverHimachal Pradesh1978
13.Dehar Hydroelectric ProjectBeas RiverHimachal Pradesh1977
14.Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Electric ProjectSatluj RiverHimachal Pradesh2004
15.Karcham Wangtoo Hydroelectric PlantSutluj RiverHimachal Pradesh2011
16.Koldam Hydroelectric PlantSatluj RiverHimachal Pradesh2015
17.Baglihar Stage- I Hydroelectric ProjectChenab RiverJammu & Kashmir2008
18.Salal Hydro Electric Power plantChenab RiverJammu & Kashmir1987
19.URI-I Uri power stationJhelum RiverJammu & Kashmir1997
20.The Pakal Dul Hydro Electric ProjectMarusudarJammu & KashmirUnder Construction
21.Subarnarekha Hydel Power ProjectSubarnarekha RiverJharkhand1977
22.Almatti Hydroelectric ProjectKrishna RiverKarnataka2005
23.Sharavathi Hydro Power PlantSharavathi RiverKarnataka1964
24.Pallivasal Hydroelectric ProjectPeriyar RiverKerala1940
25.Idukki Hydro Electric ProjectPeriyar RiverKerala1976
26.Indira Sagar Hydroelectric ProjectNarmada RiverMadhya Pradesh2004
27.Bansagar Hydroelectric ProjectSone RiverMadhya Pradesh1991
28.Koyna (Pophali) Hydroelectric ProjectKyona RiverMaharashtra1967
29.Dikhu Hydro Electric ProjectRiver Dikhu and River YangnyuNagalandUnder Construction
30.Hirakud Hydro Electric ProjectMahanadiOdisha1957
31.Balimela Hydro Electric ProjectSileru RiverOdisha1975
32.Anandpur Sahib Hydroelectric ProjectSatluj RiverPunjab1985
33.Ranjit Sagar Dam Hydroelectric ProjectRavi RiverPunjab2000
34.Teesta-VI hydroelectric power projectTeesta RiverSikkimUnder Construction
35.Kundah Hydroelectric ProjectBhavani riverTamil Nadu1960
36.Kadamparai Hydroelectric ProjectKadampari RiverTamil Nadu1987
37.Srisailam Left Bank Hydroelectric ProjectKrishna RiverTelangana2001
38.Rihand Hydroelectric ProjectRihand RiverUttar Pradesh1955
39.Tehri Hydroelectric ProjectBhagirathi RiverUttarakhand2006
40.Kishau Dam Hydropower ProjectTons RiverUttarakhandUnder Construction
41.Kotli Bhel DamGangaUttarakhandUnder Construction
Hydroelectric Power Plant in India: Advantages and Disadvantages
Hydropower plants use water to produce electricity, which is a renewable energy resourceMultiple hydroelectric projects in India are inactive due to legal conflicts over the regional turmoil, environment, economic pressure, and unconcerned consumers
The process involves zero long-term costs as water is a renewable energy resource without any consumable elementsElectricity production using hydropower needs a substantial money investment in capital
It is less expensive as compared to power produced by gas-fired and coal plantsThey cause land submergence and result in the extinction of flora and fauna
It is more reliable and eradicates financial losses as it does not utilize fossil fuelsDiversion of forest land is periodically required since these projects are found in hilly regions, where forest cover is more
Hydropower stations are the best solution for fulfilling extreme loads in grids as they possess the ability to start and close immediatelyModern hydropower projects have experienced delays because of tricky planning strategies, long-term finance, lack of proper infrastructures, etc.


In India irrigation has always been the largest user of water. Irrigation projects mainly consists engineering (or hydraulic) structures which collect, convey, and deliver water to areas on which crops are grown. 

  • Irrigation is a method of watering.
  • It depicts an agricultural process that applies a controlled amount of water to the crop field for better products as well as to the horticultural land, social forestry lands, lawns, and fields for animal grazing.
Irrigation Schemes in India
Major Irrigation Projects in India:
  1. Bhakra Nangal: On the Sutlej River of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh this irrigation project was completed in the year 1963.
  2. Beas Project: On the Beas river of Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan this project was completed in the year 1974.
  3. Indira Gandhi Canal: On the Harike river of Punjab this was completed in 1965.
  4. Kosi Project: On the Kosi River of Bihar and Nepal it was completed in 1954.
  5. Hirakud Project: It is on the Mahanadi River of Orissa state .
  6. Tungabhadra Project: This project was completed in the year 1953 on the Tungabhadra-Krishna River of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.
  7. Nagarjuna Sagar Project: It has been completed in the year of 1960 on the Krishna River of Andhra Pradesh
  8. Chambal Project: On the Chambal River of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh it has been completed in 1960
  9. Damodar valley project: It has been completed in the year 1948 on the Damodar River of Jharkhand and West Bengal.
  10. Gandak Project: In 1970 on the Gandak river of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
  11. Kakrapara Project: It has been implemented on the Tapti River of Gujarat district in 1954.
  12. Koyna project: This irrigation project has been implemented in the year 1964 on the Koyna-Krishna River of Maharashtra.
  13. Malprabha Project: It has been implemented in the year of 1972 on the Malprabha river of Karnataka state.
  14. Mayurakshi Project: This project has been implemented in the year of 1956 on the Mayurakshi river of West Bengal.
  15. Kangasabati Project: It has been implemented in the year 1956 on the river Kangasabati of West Bengal.

Hydropower and Irrigation Projects,Hydropower and Irrigation Projects,Hydropower and Irrigation Projects

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