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How Human activities contribute to climate change

Climate Change

Today, the whole world is concerned about climate change. The question now arises, what is climate change?

Climate change refers to the long-term changes in weather patterns and temperatures. Significant variations in average weather conditions. Warmer, colder, wetter, etc.

Activities that Contribute to Climate Change

There are two types of activities. This contribution was instrumental in climate change. They are as follows: –

  • Natural Activities
  • Human Activities (Anthropogenic Activities)

Natural activities consist of natural disasters like earthquakes, tsunamis, etc., but the most important activities that contribute to climate change are human activities.
Human activities consist of several activities. These activities are as follows: –

  • Deforestation
  • Emission of Green House Gases (GHGs)
  • Development activities
  • Use Chemical In Fishing Activities
  • Over Use of Fertilizers in Agriculture

Now Let’s know about how human activities contribute to climate change


Due to the economic benefits people cut trees and clean forests. Due to declining forests day by day, the danger of man-animal conflict increases, also the earth’s heat budget gets disturbed, which further increases global warming.

Emission of Green House Gases

Due to the overuse of vehicles, air conditioners, and many other things, greenhouse gasses emerge which are further responsible for the melting of glaciers. And it ultimately results in climate change.

Development Activities

the construction work and development activities like mining activities, construction of dams, and construction of tunnels in hilly areas result in very serious disasters like landslides earthquakes, etc. In these anthropogenic landslides and earthquakes, dust particles fly in a very huge amount of pollute the air to a very extent and result in climate change.

Use Chemicals In Fishing Activities

During unfavorable weather conditions, fishermen use various types of chemicals to catch fish because fish are previously at the bottom of the sea surface. It becomes very beneficial for the fisherman but at the same time, it is very dangerous for the climate of the world because it disturbs the aquatic ecological balance as well as pollutes the water to a great extent, causing it to change chemical and physical properties which is further responsible for the climate change.

Over Use of Fertilizers in the Agriculture

In India, due to overpopulation farmers use fertilizers in crops in a very wide range due to which slowly and steadily the soil gets polluted and the soil erosion also gets started and the polluted soil drains into the sea which further increases the temperature of the ocean. It badly impacts the Mechanism of the Indian Monsoon which further results in climate change.

According to the Global Climate Risk Index India is the seventh most affected climate change country in the world. There are several initiatives taken by the world like the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement to reduce the emission of Greenhouse gases which further helps the negative human activities contribute to climate change.

Hope I am able to deliver my message to a great extent and you guys getting something efficient from this article.


  Q1.) What are the effects of the climate change?

Ans1.) The effects of climate change are ozone depletion, severe health conditions, rise in temperature, severe droughts, more severe storms, etc.

Q2.) What should we do to cope up with climate change?

Ans2.) Use of 3R’s Principle (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce), water harvesting, organic farming, limited use of chemicals or even ban chemical usage in fishing activities, etc.

Q3.) How does climate change impact the human health?

Ans3.) Due to ozone depletion the UV rays of the sun can easily penetrate the earth’s surface skin burns, polluted air can result in severe lung diseases like asthma, polluted water can impact the human immunity system, and severe brain disease also.

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