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Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B

Why in news: –

Millions of people living with chronic hepatitis B are unaware they have the virus.

  • Hepatitis – It means inflammation of the liver.
  • Heavy alcohol use, toxins, some medications, and certain medical conditions can cause hepatitis.


  • Viral hepatitis – Hepatitis A , B, C, D and E
  • Non-viral hepatitis – Autoimmune hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, and drug-induced hepatitis.
-Contaminated Food/Water
-Blood to blood
-Blood to blood
-Sex (less common)
-Blood to
-Only occurs when HBV is present
-Contaminated Food/Water
Chronic InfectionNoYesYesYesGenotype 3 only
Prevention-Pre-exposure vaccinePre-exposure vaccine-Screening donor blood -Harm reduction-Pre-exposure -vaccine-Ensure safe
drinking water, -Avoid undercooked pork & shellfish
Treatment-Management of symptoms-Treatment for management of chronic infectionTreatment/cure for chronic infection-No approved treatments-Management of symptoms
  • Hepatitis B – Caused by the hepatitis B virus.
  • Types – The infection can be acute (short and severe) or chronic (long term).
  • Transmission – Through contact with infected body fluids like blood, saliva, vaginal fluids and semen.
  • From mother to child during birth, body fluids during sex with an infected partner, unsafe injections or exposures to sharp instruments.
  • Symptoms – Yellowing of the skin and eyes (jaundice), dark urine, feeling very tired, nausea & vomiting, pain in the abdomen, etc.
  • Prevention – There are vaccines to prevent hepatitis A and hepatitis B but there is no vaccine available for hepatitis C.
  • Treatment – There is no specific treatment for acute hepatitis B.
  • Chronic hepatitis B infection can be treated with oral medicines, including tenofovir or entecavir.

Hepatitis D, also known as “delta hepatitis,” only occurs in people who are also infected with the HBV.

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