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Government’s Plan: Free Hostel Facility in Delhi for OBC Aspirants Aiming to Clear UPSC Exams

Government's Plan

Karnataka state government aims to support OBC aspirants clearing UPSC civil services exams by constructing free hostel facilities in New Delhi and Bengaluru. The backward classes welfare department officials are actively engaging with the Delhi government to secure land in the National Capital Region (NCR) for these hostels. Following numerous requests from OBC aspirants from rural areas, Minister Shivaraj Tangadagi has directed the officials to prepare a comprehensive report.

Karnataka Government

Karnataka officials have already initiated discussions with the Delhi government on the feasibility of obtaining land for this purpose.

According to a senior official, numerous students from rural areas face challenges in securing suitable accommodation in Bengaluru and New Delhi while preparing for competitive exams. The cost of accommodations in these cities is often exorbitant, which discourages aspirants from pursuing their dreams.

Overseas scholarship

The minister has issued instructions to officials to revise the ranking norms and expand the eligibility criteria for scholarships to enable more students to pursue higher education in foreign universities. Under the current rule, students seeking financial assistance must hold a world ranking within 150. However, the minister has directed officials to raise this threshold to 500 ranks, ensuring that a greater number of students can avail the opportunity to pursue higher education abroad.

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