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Glaciers in India

Glaciers in India are bodies of dense ice that flow under their own weight. They are formed as a result of snow accumulation, which.....

Glaciers in India are bodies of dense ice that flow under their own weight. They are formed as a result of snow accumulation, which compresses them into a denser ice mass. India has a vast number of glaciers. According to the Space Applications Centre of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), India has 16,627 glaciers. The Himalayan region, in particular, boasts some of the world’s most prominent glaciers.

Name StateMountain Range
Batura GlacierJammu & KashmirKarakoram Mountain Range
Khurdopin GlacierJammu & KashmirKarakoram Mountain Range
Hispar GlacierJammu & KashmirKarakoram Mountain Range
Biafo GlacierJammu & KashmirKarakoram Mountain Range
Baltoro GlacierJammu & KashmirKarakoram Mountain Range
Chomolungma glacierJammu & KashmirKarakoram Mountain Range
Khurdapin glacierLadakhKarakoram
Godwin AustenLadakhKarakoram
Trango GlacierLadakhKarakoram
Chong KumdanLadakhKarakoram
Diamir GlacierJammu & KashmirKarakoram Mountain Range
Siachen GlacierJammu & KashmirKarakoram Mountain Range
Bara Shigri GlacierHimachal PradeshPir Panjal Range of the Inner Himalayas.
Chhota Shigri GlacierHimachal PradeshPir Panjal
Sonapani GlacierHimachal PradeshPir Panjal
Rakhiot GlacierLadakhPir Panjal
Gangotri GlacierUttarkashi, UttarakhandHimalayas
Bandarpunch GlacierUttarakhandWestern edge of the high Himalayan range
Milam GlacierUttarakhandTrishul peak of  Pithoragarh
Pindari glacierNanda Devi, UttarakhandUpper reaches of the Kumaon Himalayas
Kafni Glacier UttarakhandKumaon-Garhwal
Kalabaland GlacierUttarakhandKumaon-Garhwal
Kedar Bamak GlacierUttarakhandKumaon-Garhwal
Meola GlacierUttarakhandKumaon-Garhwal
Namik GlacierUttarakhandKumaon-Garhwal
Panchchuli GlacierUttarakhandKumaon-Garhwal
Ralam GlacierUttarakhandKumaon-Garhwal
Sona GlacierUttarakhandKumaon-Garhwal
Satopanth GlacierUttarakhandKumaon-Garhwal
Sunderdhunga GlacierUttarakhandKumaon-Garhwal
Dokriani GlacierUttarakhandKumaon-Garhwal
Chorabari GlacierUttarakhandKumaon-Garhwal
Zemu GlacierSikkimEastern Himalaya Located on Kanchenjunga peak
Kanchenjunga GlacierSikkimEastern Himalaya

Climate change poses a significant threat to glaciers and the ecosystems and communities that depend on them. It’s important to take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the changes that are already occurring in order to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change on glaciers and the earth’s ecosystems.

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