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Earth for All – A Survival Guide for Humanity

Context: Recently published Earth for All Initiative predicted the world’s human population.

About Earth4All Initiative:-

  • Earth4All is a collective initiative of leading economic thinkers, scientists, and advocates.
  • It is convened by The Club of Romethe Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, the Stockholm Resilience Centre and the Norwegian Business School.
  • It is guided by a Transformational Economics Commission, made up of economic thinkers from across the globe to explore new economic thinking and test the model outcomes.
  • Its global campaign aims to make the Earth4All vision a reality, advocating for governments to adopt policies that will enable resilient and healthy societies.

Findings of the Report:-

  • The researchers advance two scenarios:
    • Too Little, Too Late: predicts that if economic development continues as it has in the last five decades, the world’s population would peak at 8.6 billion in 2050, and decline to 7 billion by 2100.
    • The Giant Leap: the researchers conclude that the population will peak at 8.5 billion by 2040 but then rapidly decline to around 6 billion by 2100.
  • This will be due to our investments in poverty alleviation, gender equity, education and health, ameliorating inequality, and food and energy security.
  • The Earth4All report contradicted the U.N. ‘World Populations Prospects 2022’ report, which predicted that the global population would steadily rise to 10.4 billion in 2080 and then stabilise around that number in 2100.

Indian Scenario:-

  • As of 2022, more than half the world’s population lives in Asia.
    • China and India are the two most populous countries.
  • According to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), while India’s population growth is stabilising, it is still growing at 0.7% Steps taken by India for Stabilising Population
  • Mission Parivar Vikas Compensation scheme for sterilization acceptors: Under the scheme, MoHFW provides compensation for loss of wages to the beneficiary.
  • Clinical Outreach Teams (COT) Scheme: for providing Family planning services through mobile teams
  • Scheme for Home delivery of contraceptives by ASHAs at t   doorstep of beneficiaries.
  • Family Planning Logistic Management and Information System (FP-LMIS): A dedicated software to ensure smooth forecasting, procurement and distribution of family planning National Family Planning Indemnity Scheme (NFPIS) under which clients are insured in the eventualities of death, complication and failure following sterilization.
  • Ensuring quality of care in Family Planning services by establishing Quality Assurance Committees in all states and districts.

Earth for All,Earth for All,Earth for All

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