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Direct Seeding Vs Transplanting

Origin - South India. Scientific name - Oryza sativa. Top producing country – China.2nd largest rice producing country – India.

Why in news?

  • Origin – South India.
  • Scientific name – Oryza sativa.
  • Top producing country – China.
  • 2nd largest rice producing country – India.
  • Top producing state in India – West Bengal.
  • Paddy (rice with husk) is a highly water-intensive crop.
  • Temperature – High temperature above 25-degree Celsius
  • Rainfall – High humidity with annual rainfall above 100 cm.

Transplanting of Rice                                    

  • Transplanting consists of preparing seedlings in nursery and then planting these seedlings in the prepared main field.
  • Transplanting ensures a uniform plant stand.
  • In transplanting, the flooded fields basically deny oxygen to the weed seeds in the soil, thus acting as a natural herbicide.

Direct Seeding of Rice (DSR)

  • Paddy is sown directly in the field without any nursery preparation, puddling or flooding.
  • DSR is effective against weeds and saves water compared to transplanting.
  • Direct seeding is more cost-effective than transplanting.
  • Plants mature faster when grown via direct seeding.
  • It is not necessary to disturb root systems when planted via direct seeding.
Direct Seeding Vs Transplanting


  • Higher seed rates
    • Seeds exposed to birds and pestsWeed management
    • Higher risk of lodging

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