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How do Extra Tropical Differs from Tropical Cyclones

The extratropical cyclones have a clear frontal system which is not present in the tropical cyclones.....How do Extra Tropical Differs from Tropical Cyclones...

The extratropical cyclones have a clear frontal system which is not present in the tropical cyclones. Extratropical cyclones cover a larger area and can originate over the land and sea. Whereas the tropical cyclones originate only over the seas and on reaching the land they dissipate. The extratropical cyclone affects a much larger area as compared to the tropical cyclone. The wind velocity in a tropical cyclone is much higher and it is more destructive.

The extratropical cyclones move from west to east but tropical cyclones, move from east to west.

Difference between Tropical Cyclone and Extra-tropical Cyclone

BasisTropical CycloneExtra-tropical Cyclone
CharacteristicsA low-pressure centre, a closed low-level atmospheric circulation, strong winds, and a spiral arrangement of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain.A large scale low-pressure weather systems that occur in the middle latitudes of the Earth.
FormationIt gets intensified over warm tropical oceans and required temperature higher than 27° C, presence of the Coriolis force, small variations in the vertical wind speed, a pre-existing weak low- pressure area or low-level-cyclonic circulation and upper divergent above the sea level system.It gets intensified any part of extratropical regions of the Earth (usually between 30° and 60° latitude from the equator), either through cyclogenesis or extratropical transition.
MovementIt moves from east to west.It moves from west to east.
Nature of CycloneViolent stormsStatic, not violent
TypeWarm CoreCold Core

Heavy but does not last beyond a few hours. If the cyclone stays at a place, the rainfall may continue for many days.In a temperate cyclone, rainfall is slow and continues for many days, sometimes even weeks.
Wind Velocity and destruction
Much greater (100 – 250 kmph)(200 – 1200 kmph in upper troposphere)Greater destruction due to winds, storm surges and torrential rains.Comparatively low. Typical range: 30 – 150 kmph.Less destruction due to winds but more destruction due to flooding.
Influence of Jet streams

The relationship between tropical cyclones and the upper level air-flow is not very clear.
The temperate cyclones, in contrast, have a distinct relationship with upper level air flow (jet streams, Rossby waves etc.)
The tropical cyclones exhibit fewer varieties of clouds – cumulonimbus, nimbostratus, etc..
The temperate cyclones show a variety of cloud development at various elevations.
Surface anti-cyclones
The tropical cyclones are not associated with surface anticyclones and they have a greater destructive capacity.The temperate cyclones are associated with anticyclones which precede and succeed a cyclone. These cyclones are not very destructive.
Influence on IndiaBoth coasts effected. But east coast is the hot spot.
Example : Cyclone Mocha
Bring rains to North – West India.The associated instability is called ‘Western Disturbances’.

How do Extra Tropical Differs from Tropical Cyclones,How do Extra Tropical Differs from Tropical Cyclones

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