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Government Concerns on Deepfake Technology


Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw voiced serious concerns regarding the emergence of deepfake technology, labeling it a “new threat” to society. Urgent measures were highlighted as essential to combat the challenges posed by deepfake content. In the recent week, a video surfaced featuring Rashmika Mandanna, which is later confirm to be a Deepfake. This manipulated video subjected the actress to considerable humiliation, prompting her to address the issue on Instagram, expressing her discontent and displeasure over the incident.

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What is Deepfake?

Deepfakes often transform existing source content where one person is swap for another. They also create entirely original content where someone is represented doing something they didn’t do or say.

The greatest danger posed by deepfakes is their ability to spread false information that appears to come from trusted sources.

High-Level Meeting Addressing Deepfake Challenges

A high-level meeting, chaired by the Minister for Electronics and Information Technology and Communications, Ashwini Vaishnaw, convened to discuss the ramifications of deepfake content. Notable participants included major social media platforms, leading AI companies, NASSCOM, and esteemed Artificial Intelligence experts.

Government’s Proposed Regulations

In response to the deepfake menace, the government announced forthcoming regulations to combat this issue. Minister Vaishnaw pledged to begin drafting regulations immediately, proposing a new set of rules or law amendments to tackle deepfakes effectively.

Four Pillars of Action

The government’s strategy outlined four key pillars for addressing deepfake concerns:

  • detection
  • prevention
  • reporting mechanisms
  • heightened awareness

Government stressed the need for structured approaches in these areas.

Upcoming Meetings and Actions

A follow-up meeting is scheduled in early December to further deliberate and finalize actionable strategies. The government aims to collaborate closely with stakeholders to develop clear and effective measures within a ten-day timeframe.

Government’s Stance on Platforms

Acknowledging positive responses from platforms on the deepfake issue, Minister Vaishnaw urged greater proactivity. Emphasizing the necessity for robust action, he indicated that platforms’ safe harbor immunity under the IT Act would be contingent on their swift and decisive response to combat deepfakes.

Deepfake Concerns Raised by PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also highlighted concerns over deepfake content, warning of its potential to cause significant societal unrest. The misuse of technology, exemplified by viral deepfake videos targeting individuals, has prompted heightened vigilance.

Understanding Deepfakes

Deepfakes entail digitally manipulated synthetic media created using artificial intelligence, convincingly misrepresenting or impersonating individuals. The government’s proactive approach underscores the gravity of the threat posed by this technology and the urgency to address it comprehensively.

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