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China Taiwan Conflict

China conducted military exercises simulating a “seal off” of Taiwan, in response to the visit of Taiwan’s President to the United States. After completing its three days of large-scale combat exercises around Taiwan, China’s military announced that it’s “ready to fight” any attempts to achieve Taiwan’s ‘independence’ or any interference by foreign forces.

Why does China want to reunify the country?
  • To recover from two centuries of perceived ‘humiliation’ by Western powers
  • To finish the civil war that started nearly a hundred years ago.
  • China believes that if it recovers Taiwan, then it will retake its rightful place as a global power.
Issues with the Chinese policy:
  • Internal Weakness of China: China has been suffering from one century of civil war and revolutionary excesses. For example, recent attacks on the private sector, the tech economy, the current zero-covid policy, etc. have damaged the Chinese economy.
    • People in Hong Kong are still protesting the Chinese takeover.
  • External resistance: India’s resistance has added friction to the Chinese ambition in the Himalayas.  QUAD and AUKUS have emerged. Nancy Pelosi’s visit is a manifestation of a bipartisan consensus in Washington that Beijing must be challenged.
  • The danger of world war/Nuclear war: UN chief has already warned that recent geopolitical events may cause nuclear wars.
USA stand on the issue :
  • If China attack Taiwan then USA will defend Taiwan as part of the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA) 1979.
  • USA has said its commitment to Taiwan is “rock solid”.
  • USA support Taiwan and supply them with defensive weapons.
Indo- Taiwan relations:
  • India doesn’t have formal diplomatic relations with Taiwan, but both sides have trade and people-to-people ties.
  • India has refused to endorse the “one-China” policy since 2010.
 What India should do?
  • Take sides: Late K. Subrahmanyam pithily stated that India is better off on the side of the West in its contest with China because China’s desire and thy manner of pursuing its desire is wrong
  • Use Taiwan to challenge China: Taiwan is not a major strategic concern for India.
  • However, because it is the single most important factor that can consume Beijing’s energies and delay its play for global power, it is in our interest that Taiwan keep China occupied.
  • Therefore, to some extent, our interests converge with those of the US, Japan, Australia, and the Taiwanese people.
  • Material and moral support: Quad partners can extend material support, and India’s moral support for Taiwan can be very important.

Read more : ICC: International Criminal Court

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