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Cheriyal Art: A Splash of Nature in Vibrant Hues

Cheriyal Art: A Splash of Nature in Vibrant Hues

About: Cheriyal art, rooted in the picturesque village of Cheriyal in Telangana, intricately weaves nature’s essence through vivid colors and exquisite designs. Renowned for its eco-friendly approach, this art form utilizes natural ingredients, leaving a positive ecological impact.

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Historical Roots:

Introduced in India during the 16th century by the Mughals, Cheriyal art showcases influences from Kalamkari and Deccani scroll paintings. Remarkably, it reflects echoes of the ancient Kakatiya paintings. These can be seen in sites like the Pillalamarri temple in Mahbubnagar, Telangana, and the hill temple of Tripurantaka.

Cheriyal Scrolls:

A stylized rendition of Nakashi art, Cheriyal Scrolls boast unique Telangana patterns and are exclusively crafted in Telangana, India. These scrolls unfurl narratives akin to movies or comics, vividly portraying tales from Indian mythology. Seamlessly entwined with Puranas and epic short stories, they narrate timeless sagas in a visual tapestry.

Salient Feature of Cheriyal Art

  • Vivid Hues: Mostly primary colors used, with red dominating the background.
  • Themes from Ancient Traditions: Stories drawn from ancient literary, mythological, and folk traditions, including Krishna Lekha, Ramayana, Mahabharata, Shiva Puranam, Markandeya Puranam, and tales from communities like Gauda and Madiga.
  • Depiction of Simple Rural Life: Scenes portraying women engaged in kitchen chores, working in paddy fields, and festive moments.
  • Cultural Reflection: Costumes and settings reflect the cultural essence of Andhra Pradesh, where these paintings originated.
  • Proportional Depiction: Narrow panels utilize elements like trees, buildings, pillars with drawn curtains, etc., to create a sense of proportion within the artwork.

Artistic Kinship:

Cheriyal art finds its kindred spirits in various scroll paintings across India, such as the Patachitra of West Bengal and Odisha, the Phad paintings of Rajasthan, and the Warli paintings of Maharashtra. Each of these art forms enriches India’s diverse cultural canvas with its distinctive style and storytelling finesse.

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