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Arunachal Pradesh CM launches ‘Arunpol App’ for citizens

Arunachal Pradesh Police has introduced ‘Arunpol App‘ & ‘e-Vigilance portal’ for safety & security of the citizens of the state.

Arunachal Pradesh Police has introduced ‘Arunpol App‘ & ‘e-Vigilance portal’ for safety & security of the citizens of the state.

About Arunpol App

  • Arunpol App will facilitate common people to lodge complaints without coming to a police station.
  • It is designed to provide online services like lodging of lost reports, police clearance certificates, missing reports, tenant verification of women and children, vital helpline numbers etc.
  • The app will provide 16 services in the initial phase.

Benefit Of Arunpol App

  • Enhanced public safety: The app could provide a platform for citizens to report crimes, emergencies, or suspicious activities, thereby facilitating a faster response from law enforcement agencies and improving overall public safety.
  • Real-time alerts and notifications: The app could send push notifications or alerts about traffic updates, weather conditions, roadblocks, accidents, or any other relevant information that could help users plan their travel routes more efficiently.
  • Crime prevention and awareness: Arunpol could include features to raise awareness about different types of crimes, provide safety tips, and educate users on crime prevention measures. This could help empower individuals to take necessary precautions and contribute to a safer community.
  • Access to police services: The app might allow users to access various police services, such as filing reports, obtaining copies of documents, or requesting assistance. This could streamline the process and save time for both the public and law enforcement agencies.
  • Community engagement: Arunpol could facilitate community engagement by providing a platform for citizens to connect with local law enforcement, participate in neighborhood watch programs, share information, or provide feedback on policing efforts.
  • Efficient communication: The app could serve as a direct communication channel between law enforcement agencies and the public, allowing for quick dissemination of information, updates, or emergency alerts.

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Arunachal Pradesh CM launches ‘Arunpol App’ for citizens,Arunachal Pradesh CM launches ‘Arunpol App’ for citizens

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