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Anupama Anjali: From IPS Officer’s Daughter to IAS Officer – Embraces ’20 Min Walk’ Mantra

Anupama Anjali

Anupama Anjali: Cracking the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination is undoubtedly a challenging endeavor, demanding dedication and a positive outlook.

IAS Officer Anupama Anjali’s Success Story

Clearing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination is undoubtedly a challenging task that demands hard work and a positive mindset. IAS officer Anupama Anjali’s remarkable journey in UPSC reflects the significance of maintaining mental and physical fitness throughout the process. Despite experiencing failure in her first attempt, Anupama Anjali’s determination remained unwavering as she decided to take another shot at the exam.

Before embarking on her UPSC journey, Anupama Anjali had pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Although her initial attempt at the exam did not yield the desired results, she persevered with unwavering hope and decided to give it her all in a second attempt. Her inspiring story serves as a beacon of encouragement for students aspiring to crack the UPSC exam, emphasizing the value of resilience and perseverance on the path to success.

Dream Realized in 2018

Following her initial setback, Anupama Anjali prioritized maintaining her mental and physical well-being. Her dedication and hard work paid off in the 2018 UPSC examination when she achieved remarkable success, securing an impressive 386th rank nationwide. This achievement marked the realization of her dream to become an IAS officer. Anupama’s story serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of perseverance and self-care in the pursuit of one’s goals.

Exam Preparation: A Guide to Success

After successfully clearing the UPSC exam, Anupama was allocated the Andhra Pradesh cadre, and her initial posting was as the Joint Collector of Guntur district. In her role as a public servant, she dedicates herself to assisting underprivileged children within her district and extends guidance and support to aspiring candidates aiming to clear the UPSC examination. Anupama’s commitment to both her administrative duties and her efforts to uplift others highlights her altruistic spirit and dedication to making a positive impact on society.

How Anupama Anjali Extends Support?

Anupama Anjali’s father is an IPS officer, and growing up, she had the opportunity to observe and learn from him and her grandfather, who were both civil servants. Witnessing their dedication to helping people and their ability to make significant decisions left a profound impact on her. Inspired by their commitment to public service, Anupama found her calling in pursuing a career in the UPSC. Their exemplary service became a driving force in her journey to become an IAS officer and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Anupama Anjali’s Routine

In the midst of her rigorous UPSC exam preparation, Anupama Anjali would kickstart her day with a calming meditation session in the morning. Recognizing the significance of beginning the day on the right note, she made it a priority to dedicate time to this practice. Following her meditation, Anupama cherished a quiet moment alone, sipping her tea, and engaging in self-talk to maintain her motivation and focus throughout the day. This mindful routine exemplifies her commitment to nurturing both her mental well-being and her pursuit of success in the UPSC examination.

20-Minute Walk: A Sufficient Way to Stay Active

In addition to her meditation practice, Anupama Anjali also prioritized engaging in physical exercise. She stresses the importance of not neglecting one’s physical and mental health, especially when studying for extended hours each day. Anupama advocates that even a simple 20-minute walk during the day can work wonders in rejuvenating and refreshing the mind beyond imagination. This mindful approach to self-care exemplifies her balanced approach to exam preparation and serves as a reminder for students to nurture their overall well-being while pursuing academic goals.

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