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Annual International Biocuration Conference (AIBC – 2024)

Annual International Biocuration Conference


Recently India hosted the 17th Annual International Biocuration Conference (AIBC-2024).


The Annual International Biocuration Conference is making its debut in India, marking the first time the event has been hosted in the country. Previously, the 16th Annual Biocuration Conference took place in Italy.

About Biocuration

  • Biocuration is a critical process in managing and organizing biological data.
  • It involves curating, annotating, and structuring information related to genes, proteins, pathways, and other biological entities.
  • Biocurators play a vital role in ensuring the accuracy, consistency, and accessibility of biological databases.
  • The International Biocuration Conference is a unique event that provides a forum for curators, developers, and users of clinical and life sciences data, knowledge, and models to discuss their work, promote collaboration, and foster the community around this active and growing area of research.
  • 17th Annual International Biocuration Conference (AIBC-2024) held in New Delhi, India.
  • The Indian Biological Data Centre (IBDC), along with the Regional Centre for Biotechnology (RCB) in Faridabad and the Department of Plant Molecular Biology at the University of Delhi South Campus, is jointly hosting this event.

Indian Biological Data Center (IBDC)

  • The IBDC serves as India’s first national repository for life science data.
  • It stores diverse biological data generated from publicly funded research within the country.
  • The IBDC operates with assistance from the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), operates under the Ministry of Science and Technology in India.

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