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5 Countries That Celebrate Independence Day on August 15

5 Countries

August 15 holds significance for numerous countries globally, signifying the day of their independence attainment. For India, this date is observed as Independence Day, commemorating the conclusion of British rule.

5 Countries that share Independence Day with India

This year, India will be celebrating its 77th year of Independence! The nation celebrates Independence Day on August 15, and it goes without saying that this date holds immense importance for every Indian. Our country attained independence on this day in 1947 from the United Kingdom, which ended nearly two centuries of colonial rule.
But, did you know that India is not the only country to celebrate Independence Day on this date? In fact, there are other countries where people celebrate this occasion on August 15.

Here’s all that you need to know about those countries that share Independence Day and the same sentiment with our country.

North Korea

5 Countries That Celebrate Independence Day on August 15- North Korea

North Korea observes National Liberation Day on August 15 annually. This day signifies the culmination of 35 years of Japanese occupation and colonial dominion over Korea, achieved through collaborative efforts with the allied forces during the war. Following the Allies’ liberation of the Korean Peninsula in 1945, independent Korean governments emerged three years later, precisely on August 15, 1948.

Incidentally, on this very day in 1945, the Korean peninsula was liberated from Japanese dominion, subsequently resulting in the division of the peninsula into the two distinct countries that exist today—South Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

South Korea

5 Countries That Celebrate Independence Day on August 15- South Korea

South Korea was and also shared a similar situation with North Korea, the reason why it also celebrated Independence Day on this day. Also, the South Koreans call this day Gwangbokjeol, which means the day the light returned. It’s interesting to note that many countries also mark this date as ‘victory over Japan Day’, to celebrate Japan’s surrender in World War II.


5 Countries That Celebrate Independence Day on August 15-Bahrain

Bahrain, having been under British colonial dominion, proclaimed its independence on August 15, 1971. This significant step took more than two decades following India’s own liberation. The quest for Bahraini independence ensued after a United Nations survey of the Bahraini populace, which closely followed the British announcement of withdrawing troops from east of Suez in the early 1960s.

The commemoration of Bahrain’s Independence Day was sealed through the signing of a treaty with the United Kingdom.

Interestingly, Bahrain diverges from the tradition of celebrating its Independence Day on this date. Instead, the country designates December 16 as National Day, celebrating the ascension of its inaugural emir (ruler) to the throne.

Republic of Congo

Republic of Congo

Nestled on the western coast of Africa, this country is also known as Congo-Brazzaville, which was originally a French colony. This country gained its full independence from France on August 15, 1960. So there is no guessing why the Republic of the Congo celebrates its independence on August 15, which is also known as Congolese National Day.
However, don’t confuse this place with the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is a neighbouring country!



It’s one of the smallest, yet the richest countries in Europe, which also actually doesn’t have an Independence Day, as it was never technically captured. However, Liechtenstein, situated in the European highlands of the Alps between Switzerland and Austria, celebrates August 15 as National Day. They chose that particular day as it had been a bank holiday, or a public holiday since 1940. Then the ruling prince of that time, Prince Franz Josef II, was born on August 16. So, Liechtenstein’s national holiday was created by combining the dates of the public holiday and the Prince’s birthday.

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