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Uttar Pradesh, known for its rich cultural heritage and traditional crafts, Geographical Indication Tag.....


The Geographical Indications Registry in Chennai has recently granted Geographical Indication (GI) tags to seven distinctive products from Uttar Pradesh, known for its rich cultural heritage and traditional crafts.

Which Seven Products from Uttar Pradesh have Received the GI Tag?

Amroha Dholak: A Musical Marvel
  • They craft the Amroha Dholak, a musical instrument, from natural wood. Preferred wood choices include mango, jackfruit, and teakwood.
  • They meticulously fit animal skin, usually goatskin, to create the drum’s surface.
Baghpat Home Furnishings:
  • They are renowned for producing exclusive handloom home furnishing products in Baghpat and Meerut.
  • The weaving process predominantly involves cotton yarn and they do it on frame looms.
Barabanki Handloom Product:
  • Barabanki and its surrounding areas are home to around 50,000 weavers and 20,000 looms.
    • They estimate the annual turnover of the Barabanki cluster to be ₹150 crore.
Kalpi Handmade Paper:
  • Kalpi is recognized for handmade paper manufacturing.
    • Munnalal ‘Khaddari,’ a Gandhian, introduced the craft in the 1940s, although its roots in Kalpi’s history may extend further.
Mahoba Gaura PattharHastashlip:
  • Mahoba Gaura PattharHastashlip represents the unique stone craft of Mahoba.
  • The stone used, scientifically known as the ‘Pyro Flight Stone,‘ is a soft and radiant white-coloured stone predominantly found in the region.
Mainpuri Tarkashi:
  • Mainpuri Tarkashi is a popular art form characterized by artisans doing brass wire inlay work on wood.
  • Traditionally used for khadaous (wooden sandals), Mainpuri Tarkashi has been a household necessity.
  • Due to cultural considerations regarding cleanliness, they sought leather alternatives.
Sambhal Horn Craft:
  • Sambhal Horn Craft utilises raw materials procured from deceased animals and this craft form is entirely handmade.

FAQs about Uttar Pradesh’s Seven Products with Geographical Indication (GI) Tags

What is the significance of the Geographical Indication (GI) tag for products?

The Geographical Indication (GI) tag is a recognition given to products that have specific geographical origins and possess qualities or a reputation that are closely linked to that region. It helps protect the intellectual property rights of the products and promotes their unique identity and cultural heritage.

How many products from Uttar Pradesh recently received the GI tag?

Seven distinctive products from Uttar Pradesh have received the Geographical Indication (GI) tags.

What is Amroha Dholak, and what is it made of?

Amroha Dholak is a musical instrument crafted from natural wood, with preferred choices being mango, jackfruit, and teakwood. The drum’s surface is created by fitting animal skin, usually goatskin.

Which regions in Uttar Pradesh are renowned for their exclusive handloom home furnishing products?

Baghpat and Meerut are renowned for their exclusive handloom home furnishing products, created through a weaving process using cotton yarn on frame looms.

What is the significance of Barabanki Handloom Products, and how many weavers and looms are associated with this craft?

Barabanki and its surrounding areas are home to around 50,000 weavers and 20,000 looms. The annual turnover of the Barabanki cluster is estimated to be ₹150 crore.

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Geographical Indication Tag,

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