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Gender Gap Report 2023

The Gender Gap Report 2023, country had improved by 1.4 percentage points from 2022 figures, marking a partial recovery towards its 2020 parity level; it had closed 64.3% of the overall gender gap but had reached only 36.7% parity in economic participation

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India’s Rank and Progress 

According to the Gender Gap Report 2023, India is ranked 127 out of 146 countries in terms of gender parity. Although this ranking may seem modest, it represents an improvement of eight places from the previous year. This positive change signifies the nation’s commitment to addressing gender disparities. 

Closing the Gender Gap 

India has made significant strides in closing the overall gender gap, with 64.3% of the gap successfully closed. However, in economic participation and opportunity, India’s rank stands at 36.7%, indicating the need for further improvements in empowering women in the workforce. 

Leading the Gender Equality Index 

Iceland, for the 14th consecutive year, has secured the top spot as the most gender-equal country globally. Notably, Iceland has successfully closed over 90% of its gender gap, demonstrating remarkable progress in gender equality. 

Improvement in Sex Ratio at Birth

India’s sex ratio at birth has shown improvement, with a 1.9 percentage point increase. This development signifies progress after years of efforts to address the issue and promote gender equality from birth. 

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