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Ganga Prahari

Ganga Prahari are motivated and trained volunteers from among the local communities working for biodiversity conservation and cleanliness.

Ganga Praharis are motivated and trained volunteers from among the local communities working for biodiversity conservation and cleanliness of the Ganga River with the ultimate objectives of restoring the Nirmal and Aviral Dhara.

Highlights of Ganga Prahari

Their main objective is to restore the Nirmal and Aviral Dhara.

This can be achieved by creating awareness among people about the benefits of a clean Ganga and

creating awareness of belongingness among people towards the Ganga River.

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To identify self-induced individuals, there is a focus to organize others in Ganga conservation efforts.

Also, local communities have been contacted through the State Forest Department, Academic Institute National Cadet Corps (NCC), National Services Scheme (NSS) Women’s Mars.

Yuva Mangal Dal, Nehru Yuva Center, and Gang, all located within the Ganga River.

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Process Of Idenfication

Ganga Praharis have been identified through series of site level consultative meetings and workshops held in villages located on the bank of

the Ganga River and it’s select tributaries. Focus is made to identify motivated individuals who can mobilize others in River conservation efforts.

The local communities, have been approached through other agencies too like State Forest Departments, Educational Institutes.

National Cadet Corps (NCC), National Service Scheme (NSS) Mahila Mangal Dal, Yuva Mangal Dal, Nehru Yuva Kendras and

Ganga Vichar Manch etc. to identify the potential Ganga Praharis.

The primary criterion for identification is their passion and zeal to serve the river and to maintain its integrity in terms of cleanliness and biodiversity value.

These ‘Praharis’ have to be above 18 years of age on the date of joining the project and preferably from the river side villages.

Children below 18 years of age are enrolled under the Bal Ganga Praharis programme.

Though, there are many government and non-government schemes and training programs for the youth, women and other members of the local communities,

there has always been disengagement or disconnect between the programs and people.

Realizing this lack of outreach amongst local communities, WII established skill development and livelihood centres in the Ganga states that offers trainings in sewing, handicrafts, nursery development, health and wellness from locally grown organic products, incense making, value added food products and biodiversity-based tourism.

Convergence has been established with various departments and NGOs such as Rural Self Employment Training Institute and USHA Ltd.

For conducting advanced trainings, micro financing, marketing and entrepreneurship trainings.

To create market linkages for these products a floating livelihood centres known as “Jalaj” are being developed.

Jalaj comprises of a small shopping complex where Ganga Prahari products are being sold and through nature-based tourism services providing glimpses of Ganga biodiversity, cultural heritage and village life.

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