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Bihar: Population, Rivers, and Ethnic Groups


Key Facts

  • Located in the eastern part of India.
  • The third-largest state in India by population and the twelfth-largest by territory.
  • It shares borders with Uttar Pradesh to the west, Nepal to the north, the northern part of West Bengal to the east, and Jharkhand to the south.
  • Recognized as the world’s third-most populous subnational entity.
  • The state features the convergence of main cultural regions, including Magadh, Mithila, and Bhojpur.
  • The Bihar plain is bisected by the river Ganges, flowing from west to east.
  • Ranks as the fourth-largest producer of vegetables and the eighth-largest producer of fruits in the country.
Ethnic groupAgaria, Baiga, Bedia, Gond, Gorait, Khond, Kora, Munda, Savar, Kawar, Kol, Tharu
RiversGanga, Saryu-Yamuna, Gandak, Kosi, Panar, Pun-Pun, Saura, Bagmati, Ghagra, Koshi, Son, Mahananda, Sapt Koshi, Bhutahi Balan
Art Forms– Madhubani/Mithila painting
– Madhubani’s marsh sikki
CraftsGrass is used to make baskets, dolls, toys, etc.
Sujini Kantha embroidery is a specialization of Bihar
Dance Forms– Jat-Jatin dance of the Mithila region
– Bidesia, the songs of Vidyapati
– Chau Tribal dances
– Jhijhian dance
– Kajari dance
– Sohar-khilouna dance
– Jhumeri dance
Festivals– Chatth Puja
– Sama-Chakeva
– Ramnavami
– Makar-Sankranti
– Bihula
– Madhushravani
State Flower/Tree/Bird/AnimalGenda (Marigold) / Peepal / House Sparrow / Bullock
LakesKanwar Lake, Baraila Lake, Kusheswar Nath Lake, Udaypur Lake
Nagi Dam, Nakti Dam (Man-Made)
World Heritage Sites– Mahabodhi temple complex at Bodh Gaya
– Nalanda Mahavihara (Nalanda University) at Nalanda
Ramsar SitesKanwar Taal or Kabartaal Lake
Protected Areas– Valmiki National Park (18th Tiger Reserve of India)
– Barela Jheel Salim Ali Bird Wildlife Sanctuary
– Bhimbandh Wildlife Sanctuary
– Gautam Buddha Wildlife Sanctuary
– Kanwarjheel Wildlife Sanctuary
– Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary
– Kusheshwar Asthan Bird Wildlife Sanctuary
– Nagi Dam Wildlife Sanctuary
– Nakti Dam Wildlife Sanctuary
– Pant (Rajgir) Wildlife Sanctuary
– Udaipur Wildlife Sanctuary
– Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary
– Vikramshila Gangetic Dolphin Wildlife Sanctuary
GI Tags– Madhubani Paintings<br>
– Applique (Khatwa) Work of Bihar
– Sujini Embroidery
– Sikki Grass Products
– Bhagalpur Silk
– Applique (Khatwa) Work
– Bhagalpuri Zardalu
– Katarni Rice
– Magahi Paan
– Shahi Litchi<br>
– Silao Khaja

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