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Warm Temperate Eastern Margin Climate

Different variants of Warm Temperate Eastern Margin Climate include the: Temperate monsoon Climate or China Type,Gulf Type and....

Different variants of Warm Temperate Eastern Margin Climate include the:

  • Temperate monsoon Climate or China Type Climate,
  • Gulf Type Climate and
  • Natal Type Climate.
  • Found between 20° and 35° N and S latitude (warm temperate latitudes just outside the tropics); on the east coast in both hemispheres.
China Type Climate
  • Temperate Monsoon or China Type climate is observed in most parts of China. The climate is also observed in southern parts of Japan.
  • Intense heating within interiors (Tibet, desert region) sets up a region of low pressure in summer attracting tropical Pacific air stream (South-East
  • Monsoon does not ‘burst’ as suddenly, nor ‘pour’ as heavily as in India.
  • Typhoons form mostly in late summer, from July to September.
  • There is little rain but considerable snow on the windward slopes.
  • Another climatic feature associated with the China type of climate in Southern China is the occurrence of typhoons.
  • Natural Vegetation Supports a luxuriant vegetation.
  • The lowlands carry both evergreen broad-leaved forests and deciduous trees [hardwood].
  • On the highlands, are various species of conifers such as pines and cypresses which are important softwoods.
Gulf Type Climate
  • Found in south-eastern U.S.A., bordering the Gulf of Mexico where continental heating in summer induces an inflow of air from the cooler
    Atlantic Ocean
Natal Type Climate
  • Found in in New South Wales (Australia), Natal (South Africa), Parana- Paraguay-Uruguay basin (South America).
  • Natal type is different from temperate monsoon or China type as it receives rainfall from on-shore Trade Winds all the year round.
  • Rainfall is more than moderate, anything from 60 cm to 150 cm.
  • This is adequate for all agricultural purposes and hence supports a wide range of crops.
  • Areas which experience this climate are very densely populated.
  • There is the fairly uniform distribution of rainfall throughout the year.
  • Rain comes either from convectional sources or as orographic rain in summer, or from depressions in prolonged showers in winter.
  • Local storms, e.g. typhoons (tropical cyclones) and hurricanes, also occur.

Warm Temperate Eastern Margin Climate

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