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U.N. Security Council to Convene First-Ever Meeting on Threats of AI

U.N. Security Council

U.N. Security Council will hold the first meeting on the possible dangers posed by artificial intelligence (AI) to global peace and security at the United Nations Security Council.

U.N. Security Council will host the first meeting on the potential threats of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to international peace and security, organised by the United Kingdom (UK).

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Which news?

The UK, which sees enormous promise but also significant hazards regarding the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), will host the first-ever U.N. Security Council discussion on the possible threats of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to international peace and security.

As the centrepiece of the council’s leadership, the gathering will take place on July 18, the UK Ambassador Barbara Woodward revealed.

According to Woodward, Rishi Sunak has pushed for a leading position in the international initiatives to control AI technologies ever since he was elected prime minister. As the UK is the obvious choice to lead the discourse on AI, he had already stated that Britain will hold the first global conference on AI.

International AI Experts and Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will provide briefing on the AI which last month called the alarm bells over the most advanced form of AI “deafening” and loudest from its developers.

The UN Chief Guterres revealed his plan to appoint a scientific advisory board with exertise in the AI sector. He also said that he would react favourably on the creating of new UN agency on AI with some regulatory powers, similar to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The statement given by the UN Chief for these scientists and experts is  “These Scientists and Experts have called on the world to act, declaring AI an existential threat to humanity on a par with the risk of nuclear war.”

Woodward points out that UK wants follow a multilateral approach to manage both the huge opportunities and the risk affiliated with the artificial intelligence.

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