Topics under Current Affairs and for UPSC IAS Prelims Exam year 2023

In the official notification, the UPSC curriculum only refers to recent events that are relevant on a national and worldwide level. Therefore, due to the breadth of current topics both of national and international relevance, candidates will have to choose which subjects to take off the exam.

Current Events of National and International Importance is a general word that refers to all current events, regardless of their relevance to the UPSC IAS Prelims exam.To lessen their exam-related baggage, candidates must screen out current happenings that aren’t relevant. To determine the topics’ suitability for the UPSC IAS Prelims examination, the candidate should examine the question papers from previous years. It’s vital to avoid speaking about totally unrelated subjects. Such a example for exam content that is relevant to the exam is the political argument that is now airing on TV and is ideology-based. Political ideologies have no bearing on the exam. The static general studies topics are significantly impacted by current happenings, and the IAS test questions typically focus on these static general studies issues.The static general studies topics are strongly influenced by current events, and the IAS questionnaires regularly ask for static general studies concepts in the current context events. In order to connect to the present situation and suggest solutions, the candidates must be informed of its history.

The most critical part of the UPSC IAS syllabus is the current affairs segment, and if an aspirant for IAS profession prepared for it effectively, he or she may achieve much better on the IAS test and be an expert in IAS preparation. The IAS preparation is mostly driven by the current events portion, which also shapes the questions from the other IAS curriculum sections. Since the current events area of the IAS syllabus is the most active, it requires the most time.

All of the events that take place in India as well as abroad are current events of national and global significance. The primary element in the IAS preparation is current affairs. Current Events in all of its facets and directions can be considered as an extension of IAS preparation. Current events of major significance on a national and international level have an impression on IAS questions.

Although there is a wealth of study material available online, IAS preparation involves profound understanding, opinion formation, and in-depth examination of current events. Candidates should begin by determining the minimum amount of topics before beginning preCurrent Affairs 2022 Topics for IAS Exam.


  1. New Education Policy
  1. Key Clauses of the Election Laws (Amendment) Bill of 2021
  2. One Health Concept: Definition and Implications
  3. The importance of New Ordinance Companies
  4. COVID-19 and India’s 2021 Effort
  5. India’s Place in the 2021 Global Hunger Index
  6. The future and BSF jurisdictional expansion
  7. Highlights from India’s State of Education Report for 2021
  8. Key Elements of the MPLAD Scheme 9. Key Elements of Poshan Abhiyaan
  9. Child Marriage Prohibition (Amendment) Bill, 2021
  10. Goals of the Fourth International Solar Alliance Assembly
    The G-20 Innovation League’s goals are 12. India and the International Energy Agency are 13. (IEA)
  11. The Causes of and Solutions to the Sahel Crisis
  12. The Delhi Declaration and beyond
  13. Key Elements of the National Monetization Plan.

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