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Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) – Strategy

   Exam Strategy
  • It is natural for the candidates who are preparing for a bright future to remain confused for the choice of a better option. The examinations conducted by the State Public Service Commission, Subordinate Services Selection Commission and other government organizations/boards are the most popular and prestigious choices at the state level.
  • Most of the aspirants preparing for the Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC have been attracted and successful for the State Services Examination.
    • The main reason for this is that there is a lot of similarity in the nature, process and syllabus of these two examinations despite slight differences.
    • There are many examples where candidates preparing for Administrative Services Examinations succeed in One Day Examinations and candidates preparing for One Day Examinations succeed in these Administrative Services Examinations.
    • In such a situation, in order to ensure success, our priority should be to make a proper and dynamic strategy according to the nature of the examination.
Preliminary Exam Strategy
  • In any type of competition, the winner is the one who has prepared from the beginning. From this point of view, it would be appropriate for the candidates to first study the syllabus of the examination and, keeping in mind all its parts and aspects, determine the order of preference according to convenience and interest.
    • After that go through the questions asked in the preliminary examinations held earlier. Take special care of the subjects and topics from which the tendency to ask more questions is visible.
  • This overview will make it easy to get an idea on which sections we need to strengthen our conceptual and factual knowledge according to the exam.
  • It is not possible for any student to memorize the study material of the entire course, so it would be better to study with a scientific approach. This will make it easier to remember facts, for example – if we read the geography of India with its map, then only a whole series of facts will be printed in our mind. Try to make short notes together.
  • If we talk about the cut-off, then till now the cut-off of HCS Preliminary Examination has been almost 60-65%.
    • However, at present the cut-off may change slightly due to the Haryana Public Service Commission making Paper-2 i.e. CSAT qualifying in nature. Still, it is better that we set our target keeping in mind the previous cut-off
  • Successful candidates in this examination have considered regular study as the key to their success, so it would be appropriate to take 5-6 hours out of their regular routine for study.
    • If you give 1-2 hours for current events and revision also, then you will be in a much better position.
  • For your convenience, we have prepared the subject wise trend analysis of the first question paper of the preliminary examination of the last 3 years.
HCS (Preliminary Examination) General Studies – Trend Analysis
Subject2017 (Examination Year-2019)2014 (Examination Year-2014)2011 (Examination Year-2012)
Indian Polity101310
General Science & Science-Technology192411
Indian Economy081014
Environment and Ecology0204
Current Affairs1001
Haryana Special100721
  • It is also clear from this analysis that if less questions have been asked from any subject in any year, then next year more questions can be asked from that subject. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to underestimate any subject.
  • It will be beneficial to study 8 books of quick book series of ‘Drishti Publications’ for preparation of all sections of Haryana State specific as well as General Studies. Adequate content has been given in this book series for PSC and subordinate and one-day examinations, which is prepared from the authentic sources. In this way, due to availability of complete study material at one place, there will be substantial saving of time and energy.
  • Keeping in mind the nature and number of questions of current events, you can regularly study the current affairs available on ‘Drishti website’ and ‘Drishti YouTube channels’. Along with this, it will also be beneficial to study ‘Haryana Current Affairs’ monthly magazine of ‘Drishti Publications’.
    • Although 8 books from the Quick Book series of ‘Drishti Publications’ are sufficient for all the sections of General Studies, However, if you want to test your preparation further, you can also go through the Prelims Practice Series (PPS) books of Drishti Publications.
  • Due to its qualifying nature, Paper II also demands ample seriousness. Like in the first paper, questions related to mathematics, reasoning etc. can be practiced in this paper by categorizing the questions asked earlier into different sections.
    • The book ‘CSAT’ by Drishti Publications will be very useful for this question paper. To give more edge to your preparation, it will be beneficial to try to solve the questions asked in the preliminary examination in the previous years within the prescribed time limit.
  • You can join any test series based on this exam to test your preparation at last. It will also increase the efficiency of solving the questions in the given time limit and time-management.
Final Stage of Preliminary Exam Preparation
  • Avoid reading any new section or topic from 2-3 days before the exam. Have confidence in your preparation. Revise what you have studied so far. Remember that taking stress will reduce your performance in the exam instead of improving it. So stay relaxed and get enough sleep on the exam night.
  • During the Preliminary Examination, there is a doubt among most of the candidates regarding the order of answering the questions. What is the order of answering?
    • The answer may not be the same for everyone.
    • Its determination depends on your preparation. If your grip and speed in all the subjects of General Studies is satisfactory, then you can proceed by answering from one side.
    • If your position is not so secure, then first of all you should solve those questions, which you are completely sure about and which take the least time. Then try to solve those questions in which you have little doubt in the options.
    • Keep marking the questions in respect of which you feel that they can be solved if you get enough time. Since there is a provision of negative marking, choose the answer carefully and do not take unnecessary pressure of attempting all the questions.
    • You should solve the questions asked from the section in which you are good, as they will take less time and the chances of getting the answers right will also be high.
    • After solving this question, your position will be very strong. This will not only give you enough time for further questions, but will also give you a psychological edge over other candidates.
    • In the CSAT paper also like in the first paper, it will be better to solve those questions first, which takes less time and the chances of getting the answers right are also high.
    • The long process of preparing for the exam can be filled with frustration, so it is important to be sure that nothing is impossible. When you prepare with a precise strategy, the destination cannot stay away from you for long.
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