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OpenKylin: China Launches New Computer Operating System


In order to establish an autonomous software system and reduce its dependency on US technology, China released OpenKylin 1.0, the first open-source desktop operating system (OS) in the nation.

China launched country’s first open-source desktop operating system (OS) named as OpenKylin 1.0 with the motive to create an independent software system and cut reliance on US technology.

Which news?
  • China has released OpenKylin 1.0, its first open-source desktop operating system (OS), in an effort to lessen its reliance on US technology and establish an independent software ecosystem.
  • The country’s most recent endeavour to create domestic software that lessens reliance on Western Technologies was the creation of OperKylin, an open-source desktop system.
  • Numerous businesses and organisations have contributed to the development of the OpenKylin system.
  • A number of Chinese companies are actively developing operating systems that potentially take the place of Apple’s MacOS and Microsoft’s Windows. One of these businesses, Union Tech Software Technology Co. Ltd., is working to create its own operating system, which it has dubbed “Unity.”
  • The China Industrial Control System Emergency Response Team is the primary sponsor of the introduction of this open-source desktop system, OpenKylin.
About the OpenKyline
  • An open-source desktop programme called OpenKyline 1.0 was created by a collection of Chinese businesses, most notably China Electronic Corp.
  • A group of roughly 4,000 engineers produced the Linux operating system known as OpenKylin as of version 1.0.
  • Users of OpenKylin can readily edit the software’s source code as they see fit, in contrast to Microsoft and Apple, which maintain the inner workings of Windows and MacOS a secret.
  • The introduction of OpenKylin is considered as the most recent endeavor in the creation of homegrown software. Homegrown software is seen as essential for serving as a pillar for advancing the development of new infrastructure and the digital economy.
  • Benefits of using OpenKylin in many industries include:
  • Using OpenKylin, the indigenous operating system is improved because updating and iteration.
  • Security in crucial sectors including government affairs, communications, energy, and transportation is ensured by OpenKylin.
  • To assist the nation’s IT industrial chain, Openkylin will offer trustworthy essential software services.

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