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National Digital Nagrik Forum

The National Digital Nagrik Forum is an online platform that aims to promote the interests of traders, National Digital Nagrik Forum..


The National Digital Nagrik Forum is an online platform that aims to promote the interests of traders, consumers, and other stakeholders in the digital trade economy. The forum will provide a space for dialogue, advocacy, and learning on various aspects of digital trade, such as data protection, e-commerce, fintech, and digital literacy.

About National Digital Nagrik Forum:

  • It is an online platform that aims to advance the rights of traders and consumers and other sections of society, and shape policy to boost the digital trade economy.
  • The forum aims to raise awareness about digital regulations and help build the capacities of citizens to engage with innovation via expert sessions and instructional materials.
  • Objective: To shape policy discourse around digital economy trade in India with a view to contributing to the Government of India’s vision of creating a trillion-dollar digital economy while maintaining an open, safe, trusted and accountable internet ecosystem.
  • It will conduct awareness camps, digital and physical dialogues and trainings, as well as targeted outreach to stakeholders from government, private sector and civil society,
  • It will focus on five core themes. 
    • The first pillar consists of consumer protection and online safety with a core focus on efficient grievance redressal.
    • The pitfalls of digital cartelisation and how a level-playing field is necessary to discourage discriminatory and anti-competitive practices in the online world are part of the second pillar.
    • Third, the potential of Indian digital technologies to not only transform retail and industrial trade but also boost employment and expand the investment footprint.
    • Fourth, a first principles-based taxation policy that encourages certainty and productivity, especially for sectors with high growth potential, while preventing illegal activities such as tax evasion and money laundering.
    • Finally, the forum will study emerging technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, to assess their impact on retail trade and, at the same time, safeguard consumers’ interests.

Functions of CAIT:

  • To render the best possible assistance to Trading Community.
  • To communicate with Administrators concerned to seek redress of legitimate grievances of Traders.
  • To impart education to Traders to upgrade their performance to render the most satisfactory service to consumers by adhering to fair trading policy.
  • To lend full cooperation to the Govt. in streamlining the existing system.
  • organize Seminars, Conferences and lectures, etc.
  • To lay down a code of conduct for Traders to pursue business activity.
  • To adopt digitalization, computerization, adoption & acceptance of digital payments and other significant digital technology in the existing business format of domestic trade of India.
  • To create an Indian E-Commerce Portal promoting Indian Goods. E-Commerce)

FAQs About the National Digital Nagrik Forum:

1. What is the National Digital Nagrik Forum?

The National Digital Nagrik Forum is an online platform established to promote the interests of traders, consumers, and various stakeholders within the digital trade economy. It aims to facilitate dialogue, advocacy, and learning related to digital trade, covering topics such as e-commerce, data protection, fintech, and digital literacy.

2. What are the objectives of the National Digital Nagrik Forum?

The main objectives of the forum are as follows:
Advancing the rights of traders, consumers, and society as a whole within the digital trade economy.
Shaping policy discussions related to the digital trade economy in alignment with the Government of India’s vision of creating a trillion-dollar digital economy.
Increasing awareness about digital regulations and building citizens’ capacity to engage with innovation through expert sessions and educational materials.
Conducting awareness campaigns, dialogues, trainings, and outreach activities involving stakeholders from government, private sector, and civil society.

3. What are the core themes that the forum focuses on?

The National Digital Nagrik Forum focuses on five core themes:
Consumer Protection and Online Safety: Emphasizing efficient grievance redressal and promoting online safety for consumers.
Anti-Competitive Practices: Addressing digital cartelization and advocating for a level playing field to prevent discriminatory and anti-competitive practices in the online realm.
Indian Digital Technologies: Exploring the potential of Indian digital technologies to transform trade, enhance employment, and stimulate investment.
Taxation Policy: Developing a taxation policy based on first principles that encourages productivity, certainty, and growth while preventing illegal activities like tax evasion.
Emerging Technologies: Assessing the impact of emerging technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence on retail trade while safeguarding consumers’ interests.

4. What is the role of the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT)?

CAIT is involved in several functions to assist and support the trading community, including:
Seeking redressal for legitimate grievances of traders by communicating with relevant administrators.
Providing education to traders for improved performance and adherence to fair trading policies.
Cooperating with the government to streamline existing systems.
Organizing seminars, conferences, lectures, and other events to promote trade.
Developing codes of conduct for traders’ business activities.
Encouraging digitalization, computerization, and the adoption of digital payments in domestic trade.
Creating an Indian E-Commerce Portal to promote Indian goods in the e-commerce space.

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