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Nanomechanical Testing Technology

Indian scientists in collaboration with two international institutions developed a novel method. Nanomechanical Testing Technology..

Why In News?

  • Indian scientists in collaboration with two international institutions developed a novel method to test nanomechanical properties of materials at very minute scales with high precision and accuracy.

What is Nanoindentation Technique?

Nanoindentation is a materials testing technique used to measure mechanical properties such as hardness, elastic modulus and other material responses at very small scales, often on the order of nanometers. 

The technique involves applying a controlled and localized force to a material’s surface using a sharp indenter, typically a diamond tip, and then measuring the resulting depth of penetration.

The nanoindentation technique is particularly valuable for studying materials at the micro- and nanoscale, where traditional macro-scale mechanical testing methods are not suitable or accurate.


  • It has been widely used to measure the strength of semiconductor devices and structural materials that have ubiquitously penetrated every aspect of our daily life through electronic gadgets. 
  • It has been used for a wide range of applications from identifying cancerous cells to establishing how meteorites are formed in deep space.
  • The novel approach involved a combination of extensive modelling and simulation to understand the material response during an indentation test and subsequent tailoring of the methodology to improve the precision and accuracy
  • The modelling results have also been validated by experiments under extreme conditions. 

Relevance of Latest Development 

  • The new methodology not only significantly improves the precision and accuracy of what is known as nanoindentation technique or testing of mechanical strength, but enables testing at much higher rates, thus facilitating high throughput.
  • The new methodology is expected to impact a broad spectrum of scientific research on measuring the strength of materials at small scales.

MCQs about Nanomechanical Testing Technology

Question 1: What is the recent development in the field of materials testing that has been in the news?

a) Development of a new type of diamond
b) Discovery of a new class of materials
c) Novel method to test nanomechanical properties of materials
d) Creation of a nanoindentation device

Question 2: What is the primary purpose of the nanoindentation technique?

a) To measure the electrical conductivity of materials
b) To measure the chemical composition of materials
c) To measure mechanical properties of materials at small scales
d) To measure the temperature resistance of materials

Question 3: Which tool is typically used in the nanoindentation technique to apply force to a material’s surface?

a) A microscope
b) A laser beam
c) A sharp indenter, usually a diamond tip
d) A magnet

Question 4: What does the recent novel approach involve in terms of improving the nanoindentation technique?

a) Using a different type of indenter
b) Using larger-scale materials
c) Modelling, simulation, and experimentation to enhance precision and accuracy
d) Conducting tests under different temperatures

Question 5: How is the new methodology expected to impact scientific research?

a) It will decrease the rate of scientific research
b) It will have no impact on scientific research
c) It will enable testing at lower rates
d) It will impact a broad spectrum of scientific research on measuring material strength at small scales

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Nanomechanical Testing Technology,Nanomechanical Testing Technology

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