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Nagar Van Scheme

Nagar Van Scheme

In celebration of World Environment Day, the government unveiled the Nagar Van initiative today, aiming to establish 200 Urban Forests nationwide over the next five years. This program emphasizes enhanced community involvement and partnerships between the Forest Department, Municipal bodies, NGOs, Corporates, and local residents. Aligned with the theme of biodiversity for World Environment Day, the Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change (MoEFCC) has introduced the ‘Nagar Van‘ (city forest) scheme.

About Nagar Van scheme

  • Focus on urban forestry is a key aspect of the scheme.
  • Over the next five years, approximately 200 urban forests will be established nationwide.
  • The scheme offers states the chance to take charge of managing urban ecosystems.

Why urban forestry?

  • Traditionally, biodiversity conservation efforts have focused on remote forested regions. However, the escalating pace of urbanization has underscored the imperative to also protect and preserve biodiversity within urban environments.
  • Urban forest is the best way to bridge this gap.

Need for protection

  • India is blessed with a wealth of different plant and animal species, with a habitat that’s home to four of the world’s 35 biodiversity hotspots. These areas support many unique species found nowhere else.
  • But, even with this abundance, things are getting tough. More people, more buildings, and more industries mean less space for nature. This puts a heavy strain on India’s natural treasures, causing us to lose biodiversity at an alarming rate.
  • Remember, biodiversity isn’t just about pretty animals and plants. It’s vital for keeping our planet healthy and functioning smoothly. It provides us with things like clean air, clean water, and fertile soil. So, preserving it isn’t just about saving cute creatures—it’s about safeguarding our own future too.

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