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Jharkhand Civil Judge Salary, Job Roles, and Responsibilities

Jharkhand Civil Judge Salary

Civil judges working under the Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) receive a monthly salary that falls between Rs. 27,700 and Rs. 44,770. The state government oversees additional perks such as dearness allowance, rent allowance, and travel allowance. In terms of salary arrears for PCS J, 40% is allocated to the officers’ General Provident Fund, and the remaining sum is evenly spread across two successive financial years. This structure ensures a balanced and regulated compensation system for these judicial roles.

Jharkhand Civil Judge Salary 2024

If you’re considering a career as a civil judge in Jharkhand, understanding the salary structure is crucial. The Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) offers an attractive salary package for civil judges, making it an appealing choice for those in the legal field. Let’s explore the expected salary for Jharkhand Civil Judges in 2024 and break down its various components.

Jharkhand Civil Judge Salary Structure 2024 Overview

In 2024, Jharkhand has designed a thoughtful salary plan for Civil Judges, ensuring financial stability and deserving acknowledgment for their vital role in delivering justice. The starting basic pay is competitive, and the overall compensation includes various allowances and perks, making it an attractive career option for law graduates.

Jharkhand Civil Judges Salary 2024 Overview
Name of OrganizationJharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC)
Name of ExamJharkhand Civil Judge 2024
Name of PostCivil Judge
JPSC Civil Judge Registration Start Date21.08.2023
JPSC Civil Judge Registration Last Date21.09.2023
SalaryRs. 27,700/- and Rs. 44,770/-
Job LocationJharkhand
Official website

Jharkhand Civil Judge In Hand Salary

The JPSC 2024 Salary, as indicated in the table, is categorized into two groups: 4800 and 5400.

  1. JPSC’s in-hand salary at the grade pay of Rs. 4,800 is approximately Rs. 47,600.
  2. For JPSC with a grade level of Rs. 5,400, the salary is expected to be around Rs. 53,100.
  3. The in-hand salary reflects the amount an employee receives after deductions.
  4. Grade pay contributes to the overall salary structure, providing additional financial benefits.
  5. Salary details vary based on factors like experience, qualifications, and government regulations.
  6. Understanding the salary components is crucial for employees to plan their finances effectively.
  7. JPSC employees can consult official guidelines and policies for accurate and up-to-date salary information.
JPSC Salary Cash In Hand
JPSC PostPay ScaleGrade Pay
Jharkhand Administrative ServicesRs. 9,300/- to Rs. 34,800/-Rs. 5,400/-
Deputy Superintendent of PoliceRs. 9,300/- to Rs. 34,800/-Rs. 5,400/-
Jharkhand Cooperative ServicesRs. 9,300/- to Rs. 34,800/-Rs. 5,400/-
Jharkhand Finance ServicesRs. 9,300/- to Rs. 34,800/-Rs. 5,400/-
Jharkhand Education Services, Class IIRs. 9,300/- to Rs. 34,800/-Rs. 5,400/-
Jharkhand Planning ServicesRs. 9,300/- to Rs. 34,800/-Rs. 4,800/-
Jharkhand Social Security ServicesRs. 9,300/- to Rs. 34,800/-Rs. 4,800/-
Jharkhand Information ServicesRs. 9,300/- to Rs. 34,800/-Rs. 4,800/-

JPSC Civil Judge Job Profile, Roles, and Responsibilities

Becoming a Civil Judge in Jharkhand through the Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) offers an opportunity to take on a role filled with responsibilities and the chance to administer justice. Civil Judges preside over a wide range of civil and criminal cases, ensuring that trials are conducted fairly and in accordance with the law. Their role involves interpreting laws, evaluating evidence, and delivering verdicts. Civil Judges also play a crucial role in upholding law and order within their jurisdiction.

As a Civil Judge working with Jharkhand Civil Judge (JPSC), your responsibilities will include the following duties. Once your specific work profile is determined, you will be informed. The following outlines the job responsibilities associated with the JPSC Civil Judge role:

  1. Address allegations presented by both the prosecution and defense.
  2. Thoughtfully consider the testimony provided by witnesses.
  3. Make decisions on whether presented evidence should be admitted.
  4. Ensure that defendants are informed about their legal rights.
  5. Offer guidance to the jury during legal proceedings.
  6. Question witnesses during the trial.
  7. Decide on motions submitted by legal representatives.
  8. Determine liability or damages in cases.

Civil Judges in Jharkhand play a vital role in not just the courtroom, but also in mediating disputes, issuing orders, and making decisions that have a significant impact on individuals and communities. Their ability to carefully consider legal arguments, exercise judgment, and ensure justice is crucial for the smooth functioning of the legal system in Jharkhand. What’s more, the financial rewards in terms of salary and associated benefits for the year 2024 make it an appealing career choice for those who are passionate about justice and dedicated to upholding the law.

Jharkhand Civil Judge Annual Package

Upon successfully completing the probation period, candidates selected for the JPSC Civil Judge position can look forward to an annual compensation ranging from Rs. 3,32,400 to Rs. 5,36,400. After probation, candidates can expect additional salary increments, raises, and various supplementary benefits as part of their JPSC Civil Judge Salary package.

The JPSC has designed a salary structure for the JPSC Civil Judge position in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission. This comprehensive structure includes components such as basic pay, grade pay, and various allowances, all thoughtfully crafted by the JPSC to provide competitive and attractive compensation for Civil Judges.

Jharkhand Civil Judge Allowances

In addition to their base salary, Civil Judges in Jharkhand enjoy a variety of perks and allowances that play a crucial role in boosting their overall income package. These additional benefits substantially contribute to the job satisfaction and overall well-being of Civil Judges. Some of these allowances include:

Jharkhand Civil Judge Salary Allowances
Dearness AllowanceSubsistence Allowance
Children Education AllowanceChild care Allowance
Cash Handling AllowanceSubsidized Bills
Daily AllowanceProvident Fund
Briefcase AllowanceRefreshment allowance
Traveling AllowanceMedical allowance
TA on TransferFuel Expenses
TA on RetiringDeputation Allowance
House Rent AllowanceForeign Travel

Jharkhand Civil Judge Probation Period

After being chosen for the final list, candidates must go through a two-year probationary period. The possibility of extending this probation period for specific individuals depends on several factors, such as their performance and other criteria. This extension may be based on their successful completion of an examination mandated by the High Court during their service tenure.

Jharkhand Civil Judge Career Growth and Promotion

Starting a career as a Civil Judge in Jharkhand is not only about ensuring justice but also promising opportunities for career growth. The Jharkhand Public Service Commission (JPSC) values the commitment of its judicial officers and offers various paths for their career advancement. Let’s take a closer look at the exciting career prospects and promotion opportunities available to Jharkhand Civil Judges.

  • Promotion: Civil Judges can ascend the judicial ladder, from District Judge to Additional District Judge, based on merit and experience.
  • Specialization: Developing expertise in areas like family, criminal, or commercial law opens doors to complex cases.
  • Administrative Roles: Civil Judges can take on administrative responsibilities, ensuring efficient court operations.
  • Higher Judicial Services: Advancement to District Judge through state’s Higher Judicial Services exams.
  • Tribunal Appointments: Opportunities to serve in legal tribunals or commissions, shaping policies.
  • Teaching: Roles in judicial academies or law schools for knowledge-sharing and education.
  • Advocate General: Experienced Civil Judges can become government legal advisors, representing the state.

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