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Interview Transcript UPSC CSE 2022 |

Interview Transcript PSIR Optional
[UPSC CSE 2022]

Date of Interview:15 -09-2021
Board: Manoj Soni
Optional: PSIR
Background: Chemical engineering
Home State: Uttar Pradesh 


  1. please  remove your mask for verification
  2. Facesheild optional, mask compulsory 
  3. How was you transition from chem Engg to psir? 
  4. Some key geopolitical events in recent past ? ( I mentioned 3, he said if not paucity of time I would have mentioned some more ) 
  5. Counter questions ( AUKUS) 
  6. What is the high commendation award mentioned in your DAF?  ( in the MUN ) 
  7. What was the literary society about ? Something to do with literature? 
  8. Instruments used in Kathak?  ( mentioned learning ) 
  9. Basic taal in kathak? 
  10. Do you foresee a situation wherein you will let go of your ethics ? ( I said no, he came back to this in the end ) 
Member 1
  1. What’s Saharanpur famous about ? 
  2. How should the wood industry rejuvenate, become more relevant ? 
  3. We talk of women empowerment, but we see women themselves defeating the purpose by demanding dowry and stuff.. how do you resolve that? 
  4. Given a chance, devise a crowd managment policy in shakunbari Devi ( famous temple in saharanpur)  in the event of a huge fair ? 
  5.  things in life you feel gratitude for today ? 
Member 2
  1. You come from sarsawa( my town) , how do people like us know it ?( Answered most likely because of the air force station there) 
  2. Why does India needs seat at UNSC ? ( Gave the conventional answer of PSIR, he again stressed on why India wants to join, corrected my answer and said, we want to be at global table of high diplomacy to play greater role in policy formulation in issues like cybersecurity etc ) 
  3. Why contestation between developed and developing countries over climate change ? 
  4. Follow up – why developed countries emphasizing on net zero? 
Member 3
  1. seemed very disinterested 
  2. You mentioned Africa something ( I mentioned south africa ) , tell me what issues africa raising at UN ( Could recall the recent Vaccine IPR waiver proposal of India and South Africa , climate change , and SDG etc – not very well structured) 
  3. Tell me about sub Saharan Africa , what issues they face ? 
  4. How are India’s realtion with sub Saharan Africa ?
  5. Recently conducted africa summit ( couldn’t recall speciifcs) 
Member 4 
  1.  was writing something all the time 
  2. Said will ask me one question but not framed properly 
  3. Recently kejriwal banned crackers in delhi , why ? 
  4. Tell me about air pollution of Delhi ? 
  5. What does the polluted air do once it gets inside our body ( used alm the biology I could recall at that time :p) 
  1. Wrt your ethics question, a situation rises where you have two options  to follow your ethics or save a life what will you choose? (I answered I will choose life and be ready to face the consequences for my unethical actions) 
  2. Again Now,  you have choice between following your ethics or a grave National interest what will you choose? ( I answered I will ll stick to ethics because in the long term it will lead to protection of national interest) ( I think I messed up here)


    okay, thank you. All the best, stay safe, stay healthy. Your interview is over.

Interview Transcript PSIR Optional

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Interview Transcript PSIR Optional, Interview Transcript PSIR Optional

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