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Interview Transcript UPSC CSE 2020 |

Interview Transcript Hobby Reading Biblical Scriptures [UPSC CSE 2020]


Initiated the conversation by complimenting my tie and the polka dots within. Any reasons for this Shade ( Navy Blue ) ?

1. So you have graduated in the field of architecture. It is a very creative field. Why do you want to join the civil services ?

2.  In the context of Ram Mandir, what are your view on the Architectural style?

3. What do you think of the various temple styles that are created in the Indian Architectural context ?

4. Any 3 iconic buildings in your opinion ?

5. Will the Dholpur house be able to resist earthquakes ?

6. What are your views on AFSPA ? Individual rights vs National Security n territorial Integrity ?

7. As a student of Public administration, what are your views on Govt as an actor itself vs Govt as an enabler ?

Member 1:

1. Given that the climate change is taking place, what are your views on best methods and how green architecture can be practised ?

2. So your hobby is ‘Reading Biblical Scriptures’. How many books of the bible have you read?

3. Have you read some other works or only the Holy Bible ?

4. What is the LAC, LOC and the AGPL ?

5. What is the working line ?

6. What are the ways of amending the constitution ?

Member 2:

1. Since you have read the Holy Bible, which is the most holy site on earth according to you ?

2. Follow up question after i mentioned the human body as the most holy site. ( context 1 Corinthians 3:16 )

3. Question on West Asian architectural impact on India ?

4. Have you heard of Le Corbusier ?

5. Importance of Vaastu Shastra ?

Member 3:

1. Given the covid situation and the vast population, the latest reports suggest that there have only been 35000 deaths for a given period of time, it means that India should not be worried about the pandemic any more. Whats your opinion ?

2. What is the ‘R value’ in the pandemic context?

3. Gujarat – what has it done specially for development ?

4. Follow up question – but so have many other states like MH,MP – what is peculiar ?

5. Coastal economy of Gujarat ?

6. Which SEZ port in India has been the least productive ?

7. Who is Sobha Singh ?

8. One of your hobbies is watching movies, so tell us what different content would we would find in South Indian movies, Hindi movies and English movies?

Member 4:

1. What are the two features which you would differentiate in the parliament and the cricket ground ?

2. What is the utility n effectiveness of precast elements in architecture ?

3. How much expense ? How much convenient ?

4. Any important Bible Character you would like to mentions with a value ? Jesus Christ and forgiveness ( implicitly cited Romans 3:23 and John 3:16 )

5. Follow up question – Any Mahabharata characters you would like to associate with sin/wrongdoing ?

6. And Pandavas? Have you heard the story of Yudhisthira and the dog ?


Chairman: Thank you. Your Interview is over.

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