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Interview Transcript UPSC CSE 2020 |

Interview Transcript 7
[UPSC CSE 2020]


  • Tell me about yourself
  • Do you follow news? Which channel do you follow? What  difference do you find among these channels? Which channel is most preferred?
  • Don’t you think debates over these channels are biased?
  • Where do you get factually correct information? Verify the facts?
  • Do you follow DD news? How do you make current affairs notes?
  • Why fake news spread so easily ? What is there in it?
Member 2:
  • What is DBT? What are its advantages ?Do you promote this and why?
  • What is digital divide? How do we reduce it? What do we have to reduce it ?
  • What are the advantages of digital payments? What govt is doing to promote it?
  • How digital payments reduces the gap?
Member 3:
  • What Bharat ki veer?
  • Why Karnataka has conflicts with Tamilnadu and Maharashtra but not with AP and Telangana?
  • Which river Karnataka shares with AndhraPradesh ? What about Tungabhadra?
  • Whose music do you like in Telegu industry?
  • Have you heard of farm protests? why are they protesting ? What do they want? Whose side are you?
  • Why govt is not  giving legal status to MSP? What will happen if its given? after legalising the MSP , do you think farmers will recall the protest?
  • What is your full name? What is the meaning?
  • Why govt is promoting privatization?
  • What is Ghandian model of privatization? What is the difference?
  • What is CSR and details?
  • Do you remember maths and tell about trigonometry?
Member 5:
  • If you are the secretary to ministry of women and child development, What will you do to improve the status of women?
  • What are the safety issues at work place? How do you think safety can be improved?
  • How do you use your E AND C  to improve education and literacy?
  • What are conflicts between social media and govt? What govt is trying to do?
  • Do you support privacy or freedom of speech?
  • Do we need creativity or censorship?
  • Do you think  something left to be asked to you?
  • If not civil services what would you like to do which keeps you happy? ANS i will associate with cooperatives to establish custom hiring centre and warehousing facility
  • You mean to say your interest is rural development? after joining service how will continue this ?


Thank you

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Interview Transcript, Interview Transcript

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