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Implosion Of Titan

The Titan submersible is believed to have imploded. Titan was designed to be launched and recovered with the help Implosion Of Titan....

Why in news?

It is believed that the Titan submersible imploded.

About Titan Submersible

  • The design of Titan included launching and recovering it with the assistance of a surface vessel.
  • It consisted of carbon fiber and titanium.
  • Experts have questioned the use of titanium and carbon fiber.
  • Titanium is elastic and can adapt to ranges of stresses and pressures without permanent strain on the material.
  • Carbon fiber is stiffer and non-elastic, often prone to cracking.
  • Differences in the materials could have created a defect in the hull, triggering an instantaneous implosion.


  • Submarine is any naval vessel that is capable of propelling itself beneath the water as well as on the water’s surface.
  • It can generate its own oxygen & might stay submerged for a few months at a time.
  • It has enough power to leave port & come back to port under its own power.
  • It can drive independently to the bottom of the ocean and come back.


  • A submersible is a watercraft, and it operates like a submarine.
  • It is fitted with cameras outside, and it has a viewport.
  • It is generally used for research and exploration.
  • It is simply constructed and equipped only for short-term dives.
  • It needs oxygen supply in tanks.
  • Unlike a submarine, it does not have the power to drive down to the bottom of the ocean and come back on its own.
  • It has very limited power reserves so it needs a mother ship that can launch it and recover it.

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Implosion Of Titan,Implosion Of Titan

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