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Glasgow Leaders Declaration on Forests and Land Use 

Glasgow Leaders Declaration

United Kingdom recently kicked off an ambitious effort called the Glasgow Leaders’ Declaration on Forests and Land Use. The goal is to put a stop to deforestation and land degradation by the year 2030. However, India chose not to sign on to this declaration. Their objection stems from the connection between “trade” and matters related to climate change and forests in the agreement.

About Glasgow Leaders Declaration on Forests and Land Use

  • United Kingdom has boldly declared its ambition to stop deforestation and land degradation by the year 2030.More than 105 countries, including major players like the UK, US, Russia, and China, have signed this important declaration.
  • Unfortunately, India has chosen not to be a part of this commitment, along with Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa.
  • Interestingly, these five countries are the only ones within the G20 that have opted not to sign the declaration.

Key Points

Integrated Approach:

The declaration understands that achieving our global and national goals related to land use, climate, biodiversity, and sustainable development requires significant action across various interconnected areas. These include promoting sustainable production and consumption, developing infrastructure, managing trade, finance, and investment, and supporting smallholders, Indigenous Peoples, and local communities that rely on forests for their livelihoods.


With over 105 signatories, including major countries like the UK, US, Russia, and China, the declaration represents a significant commitment. These nations, comprising 75% of global trade and 85% of global forests in key commodities like palm oil, cocoa, and soya, have pledged USD 12 billion in public funds from 2021-25.

Commitment to Multilateral Agreement:

The declaration reaffirms the commitment of signatory countries to various international agreements such as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Paris Agreement, the Convention on Biological Diversity, the UN Convention to Combat Desertification, and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Major Highlights:
  • Conservation: Emphasizes the need to conserve forests and terrestrial ecosystems and accelerate their restoration.
  • Sustainable Development: Aims to facilitate trade and development policies that promote sustainable commodity production and consumption on both international and domestic fronts.
  • Building Resilience: Focuses on reducing vulnerability, building resilience, and enhancing rural livelihoods, particularly by empowering local communities.
  • Recognizing Indigenous Rights: Promotes the development of profitable, sustainable agriculture while acknowledging the rights of Indigenous communities and recognizing the diverse values of forests.
  • Financial Commitments: Reaffirms international financial commitments and aims to significantly increase finance and investment from various public and private sources.
India’s Stand:
  • India, along with Argentina, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa, chose not to sign the declaration.
  • Their objection was mainly related to the inclusion of “trade” in the declaration, as they believe trade issues should be handled by the World Trade Organization, separate from climate change declarations.
  • India’s stance on deforestation is contested, with the government asserting an increase in tree and forest cover. However, environmentalists express concerns about diluting environmental protections for infrastructure and mining projects that may have lasting impacts on forests, wildlife, and local communities.

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