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Chhattisgarh Maoists Attack

 Ten security personnel returning from a counter-insurgency operation and a civilian driver were killed by Maoists, in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada.

LWE Situation in India

Falling consistently due to these factors:

  1. Stronger push by security forces
  2. Development of Infrastructure & Civic Amenities in affected areas
  3. General Disenchantment with moist ideologies among people
Why in Chattisgarh ?
  1.   Dense forests
  2. Asylum for the offenders
  3. Lack of governance
  4. Lack of infrastructure
How has the Centre responded?
  • Different schemes to support LWE states
    • Security Related Expenditure (SRE) – focuses on equipping security forces to fight Maoists;
    • The Special Infrastructure Scheme (SIS) – aims to strengthen local police and intelligence set ups
    • Special Central Assistance for building infrastructure such as roads in LWE districts.
  • Massive presence of the CRPF
    • Massive presence of the CRPF in the affected states for almost two decades.
  • Erection of mobile towers
    • To local people connect with the mainstream, and also generate technical intelligence
  • SAMADHAN doctrine
    • It is the one-stop solution for the LWE problem. SAMADHAN stands for-
      • S– Smart Leadership,
      • A– Aggressive Strategy,
      • M– Motivation and Training,
      • A– Actionable Intelligence,
      • D– Dashboard Based KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and KRAs (Key Result Areas),
      • H– Harnessing Technology,
      • A– Action plan for each Theatre,
      • N– No access to Financing

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Chattisgarh Maoists Attack,Chattisgarh Maoists Attack

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