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Interview Program

IAS Next introduces an exclusive Interview Program for UPPSC – 2023, designed to be the ultimate stepping stone for candidates aspiring to fulfill their dreams. This comprehensive program encompasses a range of valuable features aimed at enhancing candidates’ confidence as they prepare to face the actual interview panel.

Mock Interviews:

Starting from 1st January , 2024, candidates will have the opportunity to undergo mock interviews conducted by a distinguished panel of experts. This invaluable experience will be accompanied by comprehensive feedback on personal attributes. The mock interviews will be recorded, and participants will receive detailed feedback, aiding them in identifying and addressing their weaknesses. This process is designed to contribute significantly to the improvement of their overall personality, ensuring they are well-prepared for the actual interview.

Join our Interview Guidance Program to benefit from expert insights, refine your skills, and boost your confidence for the crucial UPPSC 2024  interview. This initiative by IAS Next is your gateway to success in achieving your career aspirations.

What is UPPSC Interview?

The final stage of the UPPSC Exam is the Personnel Interview, exclusively for candidates who successfully clear the Mains examination. This interview phase holds a significance of 100 marks and is conducted by a board appointed by the UPPSC.

The primary goal of the interview is to assess the personal suitability of candidates for a career in state services. This evaluation is carried out by a board of competent and impartial observers. During the personality test, candidates are expected to demonstrate awareness of current affairs within and beyond their state or country, in addition to showcasing their academic prowess.

The interview is structured as a purposive conversation, aiming to delve into the mental qualities and analytical abilities of the candidates. It serves as a comprehensive exploration of the candidate’s aptitude and suitability for a role in the state services.

Instructions for UPPSC Mock Interviewers:

  • The Mock Interview program necessitates participants to adhere to formal dress standards.
  • Candidates undergo a comprehensive Personality Analysis conducted by Ex-UPSC Board members and our Senior Mock Interview Experts.
  • Individualized One-to-One Discussions focus on the candidates’ Detailed Application Form (DAF).
  • Performance assessment and feedback are provided by our Mock Interview Panellist.
  • The interview panel comprises five members, including Retired Civil Servants, Ex-UPPSC Board members, psychologists, and subject matter experts.
  • The Mock Interview Sessions are meticulously recorded, and participants receive video recordings for self-analysis.

Salient Features

  • Personality analysis conducted by former UPPSC members and our Senior Mock Interview Experts.
  • Performance evaluation and constructive feedback.
  • Expert guidance on facing interviews and a dedicated personality development program.
  • Interview-centric written material and compilation of previous years’ questions asked by the UPPSC Board.
  • Provision of a Mock Interview CD by the Institute for personalized personality analysis.
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