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As we all know that judiciary examination of several states are issued up and judicial aspirants are not leaving any stone unturned to qualify in the exams. However, it is very essential to prepare for the examination in the right manner with a right strategy.

So, the question what makes one’s strategy ‘The Right strategy’ to walk these exams? The answer to this question lies in the seven Golden Rules which candidates can follow to obtain better result in the exams and secure themselves with better ranks.

1. Honesty – Whenever, you decide to opt for these exams the first and foremost requirement that matters the most throughout one’s preparation is honesty. People can lie to the whole world regarding limited number of seats, cut offs were too high, they faced problems while preparing for exams, there can be ‘n’ numbers of reasons but all you have to focus is what you are telling others is your honest answer or not.

Because while starting you already knew that lakhs of candidates appear in these exams many of them are honest as well as hard working so eventually, at the day of result they are the ones with the correct method approach to become judicial officers.

You should always make time table in which each subject has proper study (reading + answer writing) along with revisions. This will help you to update your progress with the syllabus.

2. Thorough with the Bare Acts – The candidates for Judiciary examinations must be thorough with the statutory provisions particularly procedural law i.e. code of Criminal Procedure, Code of Civil Procedure and Indian Evidence Act. Many times, some states also ask recent amendments, Sections, Articles, Chapters, Parts number pertaining to related statutory provisions

3. Current Affairs – G.K. and current affairs is one of the important sections in these exams. Sometimes, people misunderstood G.K. with other law subjects. Where law subjects can be prepared by following a chart for each subject followed by the other. G.K. and current affairs need to be done on regular basis. One should built a habit of reading newspaper daily and specially focus on the areas where general awareness topics are discussed mainly Editorials of The Hindu and The Indian Express. Also, static G.K. should not be untouched as it plays important role too in the G.K. Section.

4. Preparing Notes – Most of the students failed in these exams as they focus on Preliminary Exam (Based on Multiple choice Questions) and after clearing Prelims they start answer writing practice. By that time, it is already too late for that candidate. So, in this tough competition in order to get selection and secure a good rank one needs to be ready before hand. Give minimum two hours time for notes in your schedule and make them precise and short so that you can recall it quickly and can have multiple revisions by the time you write mains exams.

5. Previous Years Question Paper – For Prelims as well as mains start solving previous Years Question Paper after competition of your subjects one by one that will help you to get confidence that your hard work is paying you well and also tell you that what are the remaining areas that you must look into to secure your place as a Judicial Officer.

6. Time Management and Attitude – One of the most essential aspect for any examination is Time Management with proper attitude towards your desired goal. Once your goal is fixed, ‘you have to ready to taste the bitterness in order to taste the Sweet’. Proper time management will help you to stay motivated in order to achieve you your desired result.

7. Latest Judgements – The candidate should read the latest and important judgements as well as important observations made in the case like Triple Talaq case, Right to Privacy case etc. These cases can be asked in Preliminary exams as well as in your mains exams and can improve the quality of your answer writing skills.

Last but only the least ‘Revision’ of each and every topic you read, that will help you to retain it during pressure situations and a blend of these points would lead to the ‘Right strategy’. All the best for exams. Team IAS NEXT.

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