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India’s First Hydrogen Bus Hits the Public Roads in Leh, Ladakh

India's first hydrogen fuel cell bus service is starting in Leh with the first-of-its kind commercial trial..

Context:- India’s first hydrogen fuel cell bus service is starting in Leh with the first-of-its kind commercial trial of the futuristic technology on public roads in the high-altitude cold desert of the union territory of Ladakh.

An Overview of the News 

  • Leh, located in the high-altitude cold desert of Ladakh, will host this innovative project.
  • The venture is being executed by NTPC, India’s largest power-generating company.
  • NTPC is supplying five hydrogen fuel cell buses to Leh Administration for intra-city movement.
  • The company has set up a fueling station and a 1.7 MW captive solar plant to generate green hydrogen, which will be used to power buses.
  • 7.5 acres of land have been given on lease in Leh for infrastructure development.

Ashok Leyland Participation

  • Ashok Leyland is the supplier of the buses, each costing around Rs 2.5 crore.
  • The purchase was made under a global expression of interest issued in April 2020.

NTPC’s Vision for a Carbon-Neutral Ladakh

NTPC’s strategic objectives align seamlessly with its vision of cultivating a carbon-neutral Ladakh. To realize this vision, the company is orchestrating the establishment of a cutting-edge hydrogen fuelling station and an expansive solar plant, boasting a capacity of 1.7 MW. These dual infrastructure components play a pivotal role in providing renewable power to facilitate the hydrogen mobility project.

Fuel Cell Buses: Uniquely Tailored for High Altitude Challenges

The fuel cell buses introduced by NTPC in Leh are a technological marvel, purpose-built to function seamlessly in the demanding conditions prevalent at an elevation of 11,562 feet. The rarefied atmosphere and sub-zero temperatures characteristic of such altitude locations pose distinct challenges that these innovative buses are engineered to overcome.

Driving Towards Renewable Energy: NTPC’s Ambitious Goals

NTPC’s aspirations extend far beyond the Ladakh project, encompassing a broader commitment to renewable energy. The company aims to achieve an impressive 60 GW of Renewable Energy capacity by the year 2032, reflecting its dedication to playing a significant role in advancing Green Hydrogen Technology and Energy Storage.


Inaugurating India’s first-ever hydrogen bus trial in Leh signifies NTPC’s pioneering spirit and its resolute commitment to a sustainable future. The integration of hydrogen-powered buses, the establishment of a dedicated solar plant, and the development of innovative solutions for high-altitude challenges are all stepping stones towards a greener, more sustainable Ladakh and, by extension, a more environmentally conscious India.

MCQs about India’s First Hydrogen Bus Hits the Public Roads in Leh, Ladakh

Question 1: What is the primary purpose of India’s first hydrogen fuel cell bus service in Leh?

a) To promote luxury tourism in Ladakh
b) To test the endurance of fuel cell technology in extreme cold conditions
c) To facilitate intra-city movement in Leh
d) To provide a unique transportation experience for visitors

Question 2: Which company is responsible for executing the hydrogen fuel cell bus project in Leh?

a) Tata Motors
b) Ashok Leyland
c) Mahindra & Mahindra

Question 3: How is the green hydrogen used to power the buses being generated?

a) Through a nuclear power plant
b) Using wind turbines
c) Via a captive solar plant
d) Extracted from natural gas

Question 4: What challenges are the fuel cell buses designed to overcome in Leh’s high-altitude environment?

a) Heavy traffic congestion
b) Low passenger demand
c) Sub-zero temperatures and thin atmosphere
d) Limited availability of hydrogen fuel

Question 5: What is NTPC’s goal for renewable energy capacity by the year 2032?

a) 20 GW
b) 40 GW
c) 60 GW
d) 80 GW

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India’s First Hydrogen Bus Hits the Public Roads in Leh, Ladakh

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