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Haryana Judicial Service Syllabus


Haryana Judicial Service Examination is conducted in three successive stages:

(i) Preliminary Examination,

(ii) Main Examination,

(iii) Viva-Voce 8.

Syllabus for Preliminary Examination:

The Preliminary Examination shall be of objective type with multiple-choice questions as distinguished from the main written examination which shall be of subjective/narrative type. The OMR Sheets (Answer Sheets) will be scanned by Computer. So there is no provision of re-checking/re-evaluation of OMR Sheets.

The question paper for Preliminary Examination shall be of two hours duration.

It shall consist of 125 questions and each question shall carry 04 marks and for every wrong answer 0.80 mark shall be deducted. There will, however, be no negative marking in respect of un-attempted questions.

The objective type multiple-choice question for the Preliminary Examination shall be from the syllabus for the Main Examination. The candidate shall be expected to have a general and basic over view of the main subjects and also the ability to answer questions on current events of national and international importance, Indian legal and constitutional history and governance. The candidate shall also be tested for his analytical skills, reasoning and aptitude. The standard of the question paper shall be of Law graduate level.

The object of the Preliminary Examination is to short list candidates for the Main Examination. No candidate shall be allowed to appear in the Main Examination unless he / she secured minimum 150 marks (read 100 marks for all reserved category candidates) in the Preliminary Examination.

The marks obtained in the Preliminary Examination shall not be counted towards final result. Candidates equal to 10 times the number of vacancies advertised, selected in order of their merit in the respective categories shall become eligible to sit in the MainWritten Examination. However, the number shall be subject to variation. If two or more candidates at the last number (the number at the end) get the equal marks, then all of them shall be considered eligible to sit in the Main Examination, warranting the corresponding increase in the stipulated ratio. 9. The candidate applying for the Preliminary Examination should ensure that they fulfill all the eligibility conditions for admission to the examination. Their admission at all the stages of examination for which they are admitted by the Commission viz. Preliminary Examination, Main (Written) Examination and Viva-voce (Interview/Personality Test) will be purely provisional, subject to their satisfying the prescribed eligibility conditions. If on checking at any time before or after the Preliminary Examination, Main (Written) Examination and Viva-voce (Interview/Personality Test), it is found that they do not fulfill any of the eligibility conditions, their candidature for the examination will be cancelled by the Committee/Commission. If any of their claims is found to be incorrect, they may render themselves liable to disciplinary action by the Commission. Any attempt 10 on the part of a candidate to obtain support for his candidature by any means will render him/her liable for disqualification.


The Main Examination shall consist of six papers, five written and viva voce.

The description of papers and the syllabus shall be as under:-

Paper-1 – 200 Marks

  • Civil Law-1
  • Code of Civil procedure,
  • Punjab Courts Act,
  • Indian Contract Act,
  • Indian partnership Act,
  • Sale of Goods Act,
  • Specific Relief Act,
  • Indian Evidence Act and
  • Haryana Urban (control of rent and eviction) Act, 1973.


  • The English paper will be of 200 marks and consist of the following:-
  • English Essay (1000-1100 words) 200 m
    Precis 25 m
    Words and Phrases 25 m

(Make sentences of the given words and Phrases)

  • Comprehension 25m
  • Corrections 25 m

Paper-II – 200 Marks

  • Civil Law-II
  • Hindu Law,
  • Mohammadan Law and Customary Law,
  • Law of Registration and
  • Limitation.

Paper-III -200 Marks

  • Criminal Law
  • Indian Penal Code,
  • Criminal Procedure Code and
  • Indian Evidence Act,


  • Language Hindi (in Devnagri Script) 100 Marks

Paper-VI Viva-Voce

To judge the personal qualities of the candidates. The viva-voce shall relate to the matters of general interest and is intended to test the candidates’ alertness, intelligence and general outlook. it shall be conducted in English. 200 Marks

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