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Here are some general tips to stay up-to-date with current affairs for the UPSC exam:

Recommended by most toppers & aspirants across the country the IAS Next Current Affairs Magazine is the staple of the Civil Services examination. A dedicated team of experts compiles this magazine with thorough and detailed analysis of various news sources like The Hindu, The Indian Express, PIB, Economic Times, Yojana, Economic Survey, Budget, India Year Book, RSTV among others.

Read newspapers and news websites regularly: Reading newspapers and news websites like The Hindu, The Indian Express, and BBC News can help you stay up-to-date with current affairs. Focus on national and international news, as well as news related to government policies and programs.

Watch news channels: Watching news channels like NDTV, CNN-IBN, and Times Now can help you stay up-to-date with current affairs. Pay attention to news debates and discussions to understand different perspectives on issues.

Follow government websites: Follow the websites of government departments like the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of External Affairs, and Ministry of Home Affairs to stay up-to-date with government policies and programs.

Join social media groups: Join social media groups and follow pages related to current affairs. This will help you stay up-to-date with news and events related to different fields.

Prepare notes: Make notes of important current affairs topics and events, and revise them regularly. This will help you remember important information and be better prepared for the UPSC exam.



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15 December 2022

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16 December 2022

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17 December 2022

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19 December 2022

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20 December 2022

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21 December 2022

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22 December 2022

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23 December 2022

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26 December 2022

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30 December 2022

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31 December 2022
December 2022 Current Affairs Magazine: Key Events and Insights

December 2022 edition of the Current Affairs Magazine, where we delve into the significant events and developments that shaped the last month of the year. As we bid farewell to 2022, it is crucial for UPSC aspirants and individuals interested in staying informed to have a comprehensive understanding of the key current affairs from December. In this magazine, we present a collection of notable national and international events, economic updates, and other relevant insights to keep you updated and well-prepared.

National Highlights:

a) Legislative Developments: Explore the important bills, acts, or amendments introduced or passed in December at the national level.

Analyze their implications on governance, social welfare, and economic policies.

b) Government Policies and Initiatives: Highlight significant policy decisions and initiatives undertaken by the government in December, focusing on their objectives, implementation strategies, and potential impact on various sectors.

c) Social Issues and Welfare Programs: Shed light on social issues that gained prominence in December, such as healthcare, education, poverty alleviation, or environmental conservation. Discuss government programs or initiatives aimed at addressing these issues.


International Affairs:

a) Bilateral and Multilateral Engagements: Examine the diplomatic engagements, visits, and agreements signed by India with other nations during December. Analyse the implications for India’s foreign policy, strategic interests, and international relations.

b) Global Events and Conferences: Discuss major international conferences, summits, or events held in December. Focus on India’s participation, key discussions, and outcomes, highlighting their significance in shaping global affairs.

c) Geopolitical Developments: Address geopolitical events or shifts that occurred in December, analysing their potential impact on India’s national security, regional stability, and foreign relations.

Economic Updates:

a) Financial Indicators:Analyze important economic indicators released in December, such as GDP growth rate, inflation, employment figures, and trade data. Evaluate their impact on India’s economic performance and future prospects.

b) Sectoral Developments: Explore significant developments in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, technology, finance, or infrastructure. Discuss policy changes, investments, or initiatives that can influence sectoral growth and development.

c) Global Trade and Economic Relations: Examine India’s trade relations with other countries, major trade agreements, or economic partnerships established in December. Discuss their implications for India’s international trade and economic integration.



The December 2022 edition of the Current Affairs Magazine has provided a comprehensive review of the key events, national and international affairs, and economic updates that defined the last month of the year. By staying informed about these current affairs, UPSC aspirants and individuals interested in the world around them can enhance their knowledge and be well-prepared for various competitive exams and discussions. Remember to continue staying updated with current affairs to maintain a well-rounded understanding of ongoing developments and their long-term implications.

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