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Mentorship Program for IAS Mains with Sociology Optional

Mentorship Program

Introducing our exclusive Sociology Optional Personal Mentorship Program for IAS Mains, led by the renowned Sudhanshu Sir. This meticulously crafted course, designed by our team of expert faculty, is laser-focused on preparing students for the competitive IAS Mains examination. Our goal is to empower students to achieve their aspirations of securing their dream job in the civil services.


The Sociology Optional Mentorship course is primarily tailored for two specific groups of students. Firstly, it caters to those who have previously attempted the mains examination but were unable to secure a pass due to various reasons. Secondly, it serves students who have diligently completed their syllabus and now seek to refine and consolidate their overall preparation. The central emphasis of this course lies in personalized strategy development, aimed at enhancing efficiency and making necessary adjustments to maximize success potential.

Features of Sudhanshu Sir Personal Mentorship Program

  1. Under the guidance of Sudhanshu Sir, students will have the privilege of learning from a seasoned expert in the field, who brings a wealth of experience in mentoring aspiring UPSC candidates. Sudhanshu Sir’s distinctive teaching approach effortlessly simplifies even the most challenging concepts, earning him the well-deserved reputation as the finest Sociology Optional Teacher in the field.
  2. The course encompasses over 40 in-depth sessions led by Sudhanshu Sir and includes 10 comprehensive class tests designed to assess students’ performance. Throughout the program, special emphasis will be placed on achieving a profound understanding of the syllabus, prioritizing conceptual clarity as a key objective.
  3. The Sociology Optional classes will be on weekends with flexible timings, which make it feasible even for the working people and the candidates get enough time to focus on other aspects of the UPSC syllabus.
  4. We lay extra focus on Daily Answer Writing Practice, because it is your answers that get you to clear the exam score good and take the post of your choice.
  5. The Sociology Optional Personal Mentorship Programme offers a meticulously structured curriculum aimed at refining students’ preparation strategies and making necessary improvements.
  6. Under this Personal Mentorship Programme, we provide value added materials to the students, which help them get holistic understanding of the subject, and enable them to write a comprehensive answer. This includes Last Look, which is a booklet of important questions and important issues from the mains perspective.
  7. Our personal mentorship includes one to one guidance from Aditya Sir, his guidance will not only help you in performing well in Sociology Optional mains but will enhance your overall personality, thus preparing you for the personality test as well.

If you find yourself grappling with Sociology optional and are uncertain about your preparation’s shortcomings, or if you are seeking that final push to elevate your readiness to the next level, then our UPSC Personal Mentorship course for Sociology is tailored precisely for you. This is your chance to benefit from the exceptional mentorship of Sudhanshu Sir, widely recognized as the preeminent faculty for Sociology Optional. Don’t let this opportunity slip away – Enroll now and let your aspirations take flight with our program.

FAQs for Mentorship Program for Sociology Optional

Which coaching is best for Sociology Optional?

Sociology Optional by Sudhanshu Sir is the best coaching, they have shown a continuous trajectory of selections. Sudhanshu Sir is renowned for his unique teaching styles, his student centric approach and the value that he gives to the doubts of every student.
Sociology optional also offers a range of courses which caters to the needs of students at different stages of their preparation. The Courses include –
• Sociology Optional Foundation Course
• Sociology Optional test series
• Personal Mentorship Program
• Test Series for Sociology Optional
Sudhanshu Sir Postal Course

What is the Sociology Optional pros and cons?

Sociology Optional is a very popular subject among aspirants because of following positives –
• Short syllabus.
• Sociology is a scoring subject and easy to understand.
• No academic background is needed.
• Overlap with the other papers of General Studies.
• Helps in writing a more comprehensive and multidimensional essay.
However like all other good things sociology options also has some cons which includes that the questions are of general in nature and are thus open to interpretation and also the role of current affairs is huge.
But this can be dealt with the right guidance and approach, one can join Sudhanshu Sir Sociology Optional Foundation Course, where in the entire syllabus will be covered from scratch along with the focus on Answer Writing Practice for Sociology Optional.

Can I cover Sociology Optional in 4 months?

Sociology optional has short syllabus which makes it possible to cover the entire syllabus in a limited time, provided the candidate follows a proper strategy. Students can join Sudhanshu Sir Sociology Foundation course, wherein the entire Sociology Optional Syllabus is covered comprehensively in the time span of 4 months, with special focus on conceptual clarity and answer writing.
However the students who cannot come to classes can opt for Sociology Optional postal course, where in the notes prepared by Sudhanshu Sir will be provided to the students.

How can I get 300+ in Sociology Optional?

Getting 300 + in Sociology Optional is not an impossible task because every year many students are scoring 300+ and getting the post of their choice. The students just have to work in proper direction. According to Sudhanshu Sir, best Sociology Optional Faculty “students should work on building the approach that is required for both the papers of Sociology”. As paper 1 deals with fundamentals of the subject and is more theoretical on the other hand paper 2 is more based on contemporary issues and application of the subject.
Thus the student who understands the real demand of the questions and does enough of Answer Writing Practice with evaluation has very high chances to score 300 +.
You can join Sudhanshu Sir Sociology Optional Test Series, the test series is organised in well structured manner so that students conduct their revision properly while giving tests and the feedback helps in improving their performance in final exam.

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