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Ship Biographies

Ship Biographies

Sindhughosh-Class (Type 877EM)

India’s naval arsenal includes nine Sindhughosh-class diesel-electric attack submarines, which serve as the cornerstone of its submarine fleet. These Kilo-class vessels boast an impressive submerged endurance of approximately 45 days. Armed with advanced weaponry systems, they are capable of launching torpedoes and anti-ship missiles with precision.

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Shishumar-Class (Type 209/1500)

India operates four Shishumar-class submarines crafted by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW) in Germany. These vessels boast an impressive capability to remain submerged for approximately 50 days without resurfacing. Armed with advanced weapons systems, they are capable of launching torpedoes. Since their commissioning, all four Shishumar-class submarines have undergone significant refits.

Chakra-Class – Ship Biographies

The Indian Navy has been leasing the INS Chakra II, an Akula-class nuclear-powered attack submarine, for a decade. They brought it into service in April 2012, and it’s set to be returned to Russia by 2022.

Arihant-Class – Ship Biographies

India’s ATV Program aims to build three to six nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines (SSBNs). These submarines can stay submerged for approximately 50 days without the need to surface, showcasing an impressive capability. They are armed with torpedoes and submarine-launched ballistic missiles, making them formidable naval assets. The anticipated successors to the INS Arihant, the forthcoming vessels in this class, are expected to be larger and more potent, demonstrating advancements in firepower and nuclear propulsion technology.


India’s Project-75 program anticipates the construction of six Kalvari-class diesel-electric attack submarines, with the first vessel of this class commissioned in 2017. Derived from the French Scorpène-class submarines, the Kalvari class boasts advanced weapons systems capable of launching torpedoes and anti-ship missiles.

About Project 75I

In Project 75I, India plans to get six high-tech diesel submarines with AIP technology for the Navy by 2022. These subs can stay underwater longer compared to regular ones. They’ll have BrahMos missiles for hitting sea and land targets and torpedoes for hunting submarines.

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