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Roopa Pai’s book ‘The Yoga Sutra for Children’

Roopa Pai's book

Roopa Pai’s book: Popular Indian author Roopa Pai is all set to release her new book on Yoga for kids. Titled ‘The Yoga Sutras for Children’, the book is expected to hit the shelves on June 27.

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Author Roopa Pai will unveil the mysteries of Patanjali’s 2,000-year-old treatise on yoga in her upcoming children’s book, following the success of her award-winning best-seller “The Gita for Children.” The Hachette India book “The Yoga Sutras for Children” encourages kids to use their mental strength to bring out the best in themselves by relating yoga to their daily lives.

The essence of the book

The book introduces Maharishi Patanjali’s techniques to nurture energies and attitudes, enabling focused and balanced actions. With black-and-white artwork by Sayan Mukherjee, it empowers young readers to approach their complex lives with confidence and positivity. Publishers describe the book as a surprising and accessible unraveling of Patanjali’s ancient text.

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