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Montane Wet Temperate Forests

Montane Wet Temperate Forests are distributed on mountains of moderate height. Oak trees and chestnut trees dominate this ecosystem....

Montane Wet Temperate Forests are distributed on mountains of moderate height. Oak trees and chestnut trees dominate this ecosystem. Montane wet temperate forests include moderate elevations and high humidity. The climate, which becomes colder as elevation rises, has a significant impact on these montane habitats.

Climatic Conditions
  • Grows at a height of 1800 to 3000 m above sea level
  • Mean annual rainfall is 150 cm to 300 cm
  • Mean annual temperature is about 11°C to 14°C and the
  • Average relative humidity is over 80 per cent.
  • These are closed evergreen forests. Trunks have large girth.
  • Branches are cloth with mosses, ferns and other epiphytes.
  • The trees rarely achieve a height of more than 6 metres.
  • Deodar, Chilauni, Indian chestnut, birch, plum, machilus, cinnamomum, litsea, magnolia, blue pine, oak, hemlock, etc. are important species.
  • Temperate grasslands are common at higher elevations.
  • Temperate forests and grasslands give way to Alpine vegetation at high altitudes, generally more than 3,600 metres above sea level.
  • The most common trees in these forests are silver fir, junipers, pines, and birches.
  • Because of the moderate temperatures and high rainfall, dense montane forests are common at moderate elevations.
  • These are dense forests at moderate elevation.
  • At higher elevations, the vegetation transforms into tundra or grasslands.
  • Based on climate, this climate can be divided into three types: temperate, Mediterranean, and tropical.
  • Nomadic groups such as Gujjars and Bakarwals widely use them to pasture as they gradually get stunning while approaching the snow.

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